ScaleOut Software Announces Digital Twin Streaming Service, Introducing Breakthrough Real-Time Analytics for Data-in-Motion

New SaaS solution gives companies enhanced situational awareness through real-time analysis of streaming data sources

BELLEVUE, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ScaleOut Software today announced the general availability of its Digital Twin Streaming Service™, a breakthrough SaaS solution harnessing in-memory cloud computing to provide real-time analytics. By creating “real-time digital twins” that simultaneously analyze telemetry from thousands of streaming data sources, this breakthrough solution enables customers to take advantage of deeper introspection and better real-time decision-making without waiting to query data at rest in data lakes.

With its ability to immediately analyze data in motion from individual data sources in milliseconds and make immediate use of dynamic context for each data source, the ScaleOut Digital Twin Streaming Service can fundamentally change the way industries like real-time monitoring, healthcare, logistics, retail and financial services process live data streams to make critical decisions in the moment.

“Processing streaming data with real-time digital twins revolutionizes streaming analytics by enabling deep introspection in real time and individualizing it on the fly for each data source,” said Dr. William L. Bain, founder and CEO of ScaleOut Software. “We built the ScaleOut Digital Twin Streaming Service to help our customers dramatically improve situational awareness in their live systems, spanning thousands or even millions of data sources. Whether tracking a fleet of rental cars or a population of smart watch users, real-time digital twins are a game changer for streaming analytics.”

The ScaleOut Digital Twin Streaming Service minimizes development time by enabling applications to be easily constructed with concise, real-time digital twin models and by connecting to numerous popular streaming cloud data sources, including Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT Core, Apache Kafka and REST.

Benefits of Real-Time Digital Twin Analytics

Unlike legacy complex event processing (CEP) systems and other streaming analytics platforms, real-time digital twins offer a new, intuitive technique that tracks the dynamic state of individual data sources, using this information to enhance the immediate analysis of incoming telemetry. This novel approach enables deeper introspection for large numbers of data sources than previously possible and provides more actionable feedback for data sources in milliseconds.

Real-time digital twins also enable immediate streaming analytics that previously could only be performed offline or through delayed batch processing. Integrated, real-time aggregate analytics on the state information tracked for each data source let applications immediately spot and respond to emerging issues, maximizing overall situational awareness.

This powerful new streaming analytics platform uses real-time digital twins to offer important benefits in numerous industries. Examples include:

  • Real-time monitoring: Track thousands of intrusion points, meters and detectors to filter telemetry and quickly identify issues or threats as they evolve
  • Healthcare: Interpret telemetry from a population of smart devices, such as blood-pressure and heart-rate readings, to generate more effective alerts in the context of each patient’s activity, medical history and medications
  • Logistics: Enhance tracking of large vehicle fleets, store or restaurant chains, or thousands of assets, such as medical supplies, to immediately spot and respond to issues, optimize operations and aid in disaster recovery
  • e-Commerce: Analyze website click-streams for ecommerce shoppers to improve product recommendations based on each shopper’s dynamic selections, demographics, brand preferences and recent purchases

Technical benefits of the ScaleOut Digital Twin Streaming Service include:

  • In-Memory Computing Power: Runs as a highly scalable in-memory computing platform based on the proven ScaleOut StreamServer® product, which has been used for years with on-premise streaming analytics processing
  • Integrated, Real-Time Analytics: Simultaneously analyzes and responds to incoming event messages from data sources while performing continuous, aggregate analytics across all real-time digital twins
  • Web-Based UI: Simplifies the deployment and management of real-time digital twin models, visually displays aggregate analytics, and provides UI-based query of context information held by real-time digital twins
  • Ease of Development: Offers the ScaleOut Digital Twin Builder™ toolkit to easily construct and deploy real-time digital twin models with minimum application code and start analyzing telemetry with just a few clicks of a web-based UI

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