See How Adam Nessim, A Young Student Doctor and Entrepreneur, Helps Premeds All Throughout The US Get Into Medical School

Adam Nessim: founder of the Pre Med Consultants is helping students get into Med School. Adam’s amazing track record and his unique way of consulting has gained a lot of popularity amongst young students. In this interview, Adam shares his thoughts and advice to students wishing to make medicine as their career

JERICHO, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 14, 2020 / If you are planning on going to medical school there is a long challenging path before you. The strenuous, often grueling process of studying to make it in the healthcare field is what creates the heroes that we need to care for, and save lives.

Nobody knows this process better than Adam Nessim, who is currently an MD Candidate at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, in Bronx, New York. Adam graduated Cornell University with a 4.0 but he will tell you that it took more than dedication and intelligence to earn his degree and crush the MCAT. “In a lot of ways,” he says, “it took brute force.” He does not believe it needs to be this way however. Yes, you will need to study like crazy, and you need to be prepared to give it your all, but there are ways to prepare for your journey so that you can see the hurdles in front of you before you jump them. That is why he created his Pre Med Consultants Program.

Adam started The Premed Consultants after working for a major test prep company during his undergrad. He always had an entrepreneurial itch, and after finding the value in mentorship, Adam decided to start his own consulting business with the goal of helping other premed students achieve their dreams.

His Ultimate Advising program is meant to help students every step of the way. Adam starts by providing every prospective student a free strategy session to discuss where they are in their journey. Whether they are a senior in high school deciding on which university to go to, a freshman who has just begun their premed path, or a student about to start preparing for the MCAT and apply to medical school, Adam is there to help. He creates modules based on an individual’s circumstance and works with them towards the goal of getting into med school. In the past month The Premed Consultants has done over 6 figures in sales and reached thousands of students across social media and through his program. A surprising tool for success? Tiktok.

Adam has nearly 30,000 followers on Instagram but wanted to reach a wider audience. An early adopter of Tiktok, he quickly found that it was a great way for him to give free advice to thousands looking for wisdom. He has since been able to drive business towards his program through social media and mentors thousands of students through online platforms.

Adam believes in spaced repetition as a studying technique. This works by revisiting material in properly spaced intervals to continuously commit that information to long term memory. He also makes his students take a question based approach to studying by quizzing constantly and having them thoroughly research and review the questions they get wrong. This requires them to synthesize the material and think critically about why they got a wrong answer. Lastly, Adam employs the pomodoro study technique in his weekly office hours for all of his students. This works like high intensity interval training for the brain. By focusing intensely for short periods of time, then breaking and circling back to the information later, it helps with focus and productivity.

A lot of his methods are derived from techniques required in medical school and backed by learning science. Adam wants to apply these methods at ground zero so that students are more prepared day one. He hopes to reach students as early on in the process as possible, and give them the tools to succeed in achieving their dreams of becoming a doctor. In addition to individual guidance, The Premed Consultants has monthly group coaching calls with the goal of fostering a community of premeds that support each other and learn from their shared experiences.

His goal for the next six months is to help two hundred students crush the MCAT and get into medical school. “I believe that any student who is willing to ask for guidance and put in the work can get into medical school,” Adam says. “There’s nothing better than getting those texts from students thanking me for helping them achieve their dreams. I am really lucky.”

If you are interested in medical school and want to be a part of Adam’s program, he offers free strategy sessions at You can also follow him on instagram and tiktok: adam_nessim

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