SharpSpring Releases CRM-Integrated Chatbots with Live Chat

Designed to Engage and Convert Anonymous Web Traffic into Warm Leads

GAINESVILLE, FL / ACCESSWIRE / May 19, 2020 / SharpSpring, Inc. (NASDAQ:SHSP), a leading cloud-based marketing and sales automation platform, today announced the release of SharpSpring Chatbots, a dynamic tool that can increase website conversion rates by 3x.

Consumers increasingly expect to ask questions and get real-time responses during their purchase decisions before they ever speak to a human being. SharpSpring Chatbots make it simple to build powerful virtual sales assistants that can engage with prospects and convert them into leads and sales, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

SharpSpring Chatbots are far more powerful than standalone solutions because they are deeply integrated and take full advantage of SharpSpring’s marketing automation and CRM platform. SharpSpring Chatbots can capture leads, increase leads scores, kick-off automation events, schedule meetings, send content, and seamlessly perform hundreds of other powerful sales functions. All of this is done without the need to create complex, and often brittle, connections between separate platforms.

“Chatbots are a must for any modern marketing strategy, and they’re only going to get more important as you scale,” says Tom Berry, founder of Autus Consulting, a SharpSpring partner agency. “Having this functionality baked into the SharpSpring platform makes it so much easier to effectively implement these tools for all our clients and further simplify their day-to-day sales and marketing processes.”

SharpSpring Chatbots are aware of who they are “talking” to. They reference CRM data to do things other chatbots simply can’t match. SharpSpring Chatbots can address repeat visitors by name, offer to connect them to their sales rep, provide information about the specific product or service the lead or customer is interested in, and progressively collect new information about them – all while tracking engagement and kicking off automation.

This is only possible because SharpSpring Chatbots have all of a lead’s contact record data available to them. With this knowledge, SharpSpring Chatbots deliver a rich and relevant experience for every website visitor by providing them information they want, when and where they want it, just as if they were talking to a knowledgeable and extremely helpful human being.

True to SharpSpring’s agency-focused business model, Chatbots comes equipped with rebranding features, along with an intuitive visual workflow builder that gives users control over each bot’s conversation path. Customers can build as many bots as they need and embed them on various pages of their site to engage, nurture, and drive more conversions.

Much like Sales Dialer and Meetings – 2019 additions to the SharpSpring offering – Chatbots furthers SharpSpring’s mission to develop affordable, fully integrated marketing and sales tools that are accessible to small businesses, while also powerful enough for enterprise users.

“Our methodology is to only build tools we know will be stronger as part of our platform than as standalone tools,” said Morgan Bell, Head of Product at SharpSpring. “Our partners already leverage lead tracking on their sites, but they’ve asked for an integrated chatbot solution to deliver additional value from our powerful marketing and sales automation features.

In addition to providing an extended 24/7 user experience to prospects, Chatbots comes with a built-in Live Chat integration powered by Slack to facilitate real-time sales communication. Chatbots can handle the heavy lifting with site visitors while your team is offline, or hand-off qualified prospects during office hours to unlock round-the-clock sales.

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