shayre Introduces Cloud-Free File-Sharing Solution

New software application makes transferring files and electronic data from one place to another simpler, safer and faster for enterprise businesses.

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#enterprisetechshayre, an innovative new provider of data-sharing solutions, today announced the launch of its direct point-to-point and point-to-multi-point software for file transferring and synchronization suited for enterprise businesses. shayre’s reliable and secure application allows unlimited files and file sizes to be transferred between as many devices as needed, without any uploading or downloading to the cloud. With remote work in the U.S. growing by 44 percent,1 even before coronavirus contingencies, more people and enterprises are relying on digital tools for virtual office needs. Leaders in entertainment, healthcare, finance, legal and other industries are already leveraging the drag-and-drop simplicity of shayre to safely and reliably send and receive files worldwide.

“Initially developed for the entertainment industry to solve the problem of getting TV commercials to air in local news programs as quickly as possible, we realized that this cloud-free secret weapon could solve data transfer problems for any industry,” said Chris Monte, CEO and Co-Founder of shayre. “With countless more employees working remotely right now, it’s nothing short of essential to have safe, efficient digital tools to support business continuity. Rain or shine, our file-sharing application handles the whenever, wherever and whatever of a company’s data operations, and it does so without cloud storage.”

shayre is a powerful yet simple direct point-to-(multi)-point solution, eliminating manual processes to improve workflows internally and externally, saving enterprises both time and money. Gone are the days of “uploading” and “downloading”. Once installed on the operating system (currently running on Windows, Mac and Linux), no manual manipulation is needed. Now, with shayre, file transferring is as intuitive as drag and drop, whether across town or across the world.

More secure than parking files in the cloud, shayre is the safest and easiest file transfer application of its kind for both sender and recipient, leveraging the same military-grade encryption used by the world’s most sophisticated banking and e-commerce platforms. Weaknesses in cloud security include theft, advanced attacks against the application provider and the inability to monitor data moving to and from applications. Though the shayre application does not require the cloud, it can be utilized just as seamlessly by companies with existing cloud-based protocols.

Upon installation, the software operates automatically in the background with virtually no imprint on the operating device. Any file type or file size can be transferred with shayre, with no threshold for number of files that can be distributed. Connections for file transfers are limitless, allowing any number of people and devices as desired to share data. Additionally, shayre can be toggled for both two-way file synchronization or one-way file sending.

“In one case, a major entertainment studio was transferring 400GB from London to Los Angeles, taking 12 hours with current industry software, but that time was significantly reduced upon implementing shayre, finally allowing for continuous work cycles between the two time zones,” said Chris Woodward, President and Co-Founder. “Imagine saving your company almost an entire day of work with an effective, easy-to-use data-sharing utility. It’s 2020, after all — are we really still trying to download files?”

shayre also incorporates automatic trackability, providing transparency to users via text message and/or e-mail alerts once files have been successfully transferred. Every transfer is recorded by shayre, from the devices being used, to file names, send and receive times, information about deleted files and more. Furthermore, comprehensive activity reports are available via a daily, weekly or monthly digest email with a .csv file to satisfy auditing and compliance requirements.

In the healthcare space, which still relies on fax machines for the transferring of important information, shayre augments antiquated IT systems and creates efficiencies by connecting disparate silos of information and improving interoperability. Fully HIPAA compliant and ideal for compliance reporting, shayre is automating the transfer of protected health information (PHI) between departments as well as externally between payers, hospitals, providers and patients.

Enterprise businesses interested in shayre are encouraged to take advantage of a free 30-day trial: simply visit and click on “Get Started.” For more information and regular updates, follow the company on LinkedIn and Twitter.

ABOUT shayre

Based in Los Angeles, shayre provides solutions that enhance people’s ability to connect, share and improve their quality of life. Established in 2018, the company develops technology software applications for the transfer and synchronization of data and files for healthcare, entertainment, education, finance, law, government, news, marketing, e-commerce, sports, nonprofit operations and more. shayre connects the dots between two or more data points with the highest quality and securest standards available today, in the most efficient way. shayre’s customers today include Fortune 100 companies and its solutions serve all industry markets, from small business to large enterprise, and personal usage as well. For more information about shayre, please visit

1Source: FlexJobs and Global Workplace Analytics


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