Skrumble Network Becomes Official Ethereum 2.0 Network Validator and Sets Path for the Next Frontier

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / May 25, 2020 / Skrumble Network is proud to announce that the team has been selected as a partner with Ethereum (ETH) to become an official validator of ETH 2.0 and partner of the ETH ecosystem. Ethereum has one of the largest developer communities in the world. This means that Skrumble Network (SKM) will be able to migrate its functionality to be available to tens of thousands of developers worldwide, adding significant utility for the SKM project.

Within the Ethereum Developer community there are over 48,000 developers on GitHub. This wildly active community of developers is constantly enriched with virtual meetups hosted all around the world and multiple Ethereum summits a year.

The SKM project has a great relationship with Anthony Di Iorio, Co-founder of ETH along with key members having met or collaborated with Vitalik Buterin. Anthony is an official advisor for Skrumble Network, and huge opportunities are possible with his direction and relationships in the future.

“The entire Skrumble Network team is very excited and looking forward to this partnership with Ethereum. We are looking forward to the next chapter for SKM and the implications for the whole SKM community.”, states Eric Lifson, Co-founder of SKM.

When asked in a previous interview with Eric Lifson why he thinks the communication industry needs to change and what the implications of blockchain technology are for communication applications, Di Iorio responded, “I think there’s going to be a movement and people are starting to question… why we’re not in control of these things. We have accepted that communication needs to be run on centralized systems because technology frankly just hasn’t… been around that can enable more decentralized networks to be able to handle communication. What excited me about the project you guys are working on is that you’re challenging and tackling… the communication aspect.”

Since launching our MainNet last year, our technical development team has been hard at work and focusing on several key areas to make our blockchain even more robust and capable. We are optimizing file storage for dApps which will allow for even more stellar projects to build on top of Skrumble Network and implement incredible functionalities for their respective services.

Next, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve improved server speed worldwide in an effort to ensure the highest-quality experience possible for users of Skrumble Network. Moreover, we also recently updated our smart contract to reflect best-in-class security and performance capabilities.

Skrumble Network has also released an updated roadmap based on new goals and its new partnership with Ethereum. The primary purpose of this approach is eventually to fully decentralize the project to its developer community and beyond and make the power of decentralized communication available to everyone.

About Skrumble Network

Skrumble Network is a completely new, innovative blockchain that centers on creating the most secure connections for communication possible. It is uniquely optimized for secure communication-centric connections and transactions, decentralized social media communication, and a communication layer for developers to build into any application. With no middle entity or centralized server host in between to censor, block or manipulate data, Skrumble Network’s blockchain and application ecosystem will be a catalyst for data privacy and help to truly democratize communication on a global scale.

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