Spectralink Launches Virtual IP-DECT Server One

A Scalable Software-only Mobility Solution for Large Enterprises

(Horsens, DK) – 18th May 2020 – Spectralink, the global leader in enterprise mobility solutions, launches today its unique software-only IP DECT server, the Virtual IP-DECT Server One (VIP-DECT Server One). This new solution is designed to help large multi-site enterprises deploy, flexibly scale and manage their DECT mobility solutions more efficiently.

The first of its kind on the market, the VIP-DECT Server One offers a multi-fold increase in scalability and flexibility together with a data-centre focused architecture. Large distributed enterprises will finally be able to benefit from simplified DECT deployments, support redundancy and add new capabilities. The new DECT server software is designed to run on standard hardware platforms and fully supports high availability, ensuring business continuity for users. It can be quickly deployed as a virtual appliance on existing hypervisor environments, eliminating the need for separate hardware platforms and thus increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Centralizing virtual IP-DECT mobility networks provides a single common point of control that conforms to enterprise IT security standards and can be centrally configured, managed, and monitored for a reliable and future-proof network solution. To fully support all types of enterprise environments, the new architecture integrates seamlessly with all major UC/UCaaS SIP Call Control Platforms without requiring expensive and time consuming integration projects.

VIP-DECT Server One is available in a flexible modular licensing format, enabling users to only pay for the features and functionalities they deploy and use. Benefits of the VIP DECT Server One include:

  • A single user-friendly, centralized web portal for administration and maintenance
  • Can support up to 100.000 users
  • Redundancy and high-availability; making it possible to deploy as a load-balancing cluster of two servers with automatic failover together with high call throughput
  • Reduction of traffic over WAN for efficient bandwidth use
  • Support for a wide range of robust, user-friendly DECT handsets
  • Branch survivability if connection with host UC/UCaaS platform is lost
  • Support for both LAN sync as well as Air sync
  • Seamless integration with all major hardware platforms

Julien Bertheuil, Managing Director EMEA at Spectralink Corporation, comments: “We are thrilled to announce this entirely new Next Generation solution and to be able to provide large multi-site enterprise users with the very first software-only, data centre-focused IP DECT Server on the market.

“Specifically designed to respond to the needs of enterprises that are consolidating their IT environments, this new software enables businesses that prefer to run IP-DECT server software to scale their mobile networks without changing their existing hardware or security policies. In addition to voice, it also enables seamless integration of third-party applications that are essential to achieving workflow productivity and remaining competitive.”

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About Spectralink Corporation
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