Tappie Announces the Launch of Its Environmentally Friendly Device that Simplifies Networking

BURBANK, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 21, 2020 / Founders and e-commerce experts, Oscar Vasquez and Joseph Medina, have partnered with Deviate, a premier Los Angeles digital marketing and software agency to create Tappie – a platform that allows users to connect with others through a device that sticks to the back of the user’s phone. With a simple tap of the phone to another, the user can share social media and contact information with anyone who has a smartphone. Perfect for businesses, creators, entrepreneurs, or anyone looking to make networking a breeze. Tappie’s ultimate goal is to eliminate environmentally wasteful business cards and make connecting simple, as it should be!

Tappie works with all major models, including Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxy models, Google Pixels, and HTC phones. To activate, Tappie users create a profile on Tapsocial.co where they can link their website and necessary contact information as well as social media and communication apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat, among others. Users can customize what information and apps they include, and they can update what they share at any time.

One of the things that makes Tappie unique is that users can share information with everyone, even if they don’t have a Tappie device. There is no need for the receiving phone to have a Tappie or an app, so the exchange is straightforward and effortless.

After years of attending conferences and events, co-founders Oscar and Joseph developed the idea and realized how dependent people still were on physical business cards to exchange information.

Oscar notes, “A business card doesn’t help people connect. The traditional business card is static, bulky, and frankly, easy to forget or throw away. Tappie is more than just a virtual business card. It’s an opportunity to make a lasting connection with another person so that it won’t be misplaced or overlooked. People may forget business cards or run out of them at an event, but no one forgets their smartphone.”

Over 7 million trees are cut down each year to produce business cards, yet 88% of cards that are handed out are thrown away within a week. “There is no longer any reason to rely on pieces of paper to make a meaningful connection,” says Joseph. “With Tappie, people can choose what they want to share, and their information is always up-to-date and relevant. Printing billions of business cards is environmentally wasteful and unnecessary, especially considering that so many of them end up in recycling bins and landfills. One of the reasons we created Tappie was to provide a solution to that problem.”

Tappie also offers partnerships with businesses as an innovative way to build brand awareness. Since some of the best advertising space exists on the backs of smartphones, Tappie offers customized products with company logos and customized features. A business’s logo, combined with Tappie technology, creates a new way to make a lasting connection while building brand awareness.

Tappie is currently offering an early-bird discount. Although Tappie’s retail price is regularly $19.99, users can now acquire a discounted Tappie for only $14.99. There are no additional fees to use and maintain a Tapsocial account, so the device’s cost is all the user will need to pay for the luxury of never having to worry about business cards again.

For more information, either about Tappie for personal use or a potential partnership, visit Tappie.co.

Tappie. Connecting made simple.



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