The Leadership Development Group Launches Innovative Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (ED&I) Program

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 26, 2020 / The Leadership Development Group (TLD Group) is proud to announce the launch of its virtual Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (ED&I) Leadership Development Program designed to accelerate the growth of diverse talent who aspire to executive leadership roles. The goal of ED&I is to nurture the unique skills and capabilities of leaders with different perspectives, backgrounds, experiences, and ideas and enhance their ability and opportunity to take on more complex roles within an organization.

“With the recognition that diversity enhances organizational performance and overall engagement, our ED&I Leadership Development program is designed for organizations that understand the value of developing top talent in previously under-represented groups,” said Tracy Duberman, PhD, President and CEO of TLD Group. “Our new ED&I program incorporates a multi-faceted approach for building diversity through sponsorship development, executive coaching, peer coaching, and learning sessions focused on innovation, agility and advocacy.”

Our inaugural program, launched with a global pharmaceutical company, was comprised of a cohort of female R&D senior leaders working across the globe and senior executives who served as sponsors to the participants throughout the program. The sponsors were top-level executives within R & D who had power, authority and clout to advocate for the participants’ career advancement and share their depth and breadth of organizational knowledge. The sponsors were coached by a facilitator and one another on how to advocate for the participants to advance their careers. Future programs will include participants from other under-represented groups across R & D.

Program metrics indicated that both the participants and sponsors had positive experiences. One participant said, “My interactions with my sponsor encouraged me to raise my profile and advocate for solutions that involved engaging other senior leaders. Overall, this new leadership program helped me to be bolder.” One sponsor offered this reflection at the end of the program, “I see the value in formal sponsorship in helping others meet their objectives and helping people problem solve. The results of the program are energizing and inspiring.”

“Through this strategic and impactful program, the first cohort of participants were able to strengthen key leadership competencies and increase their capability to develop strong connections and lead more complex roles,” Duberman added. “The sponsorship component of this program is what sets TLD Group’s ED&I Leadership Program apart from others.”

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