The Pride Among the Pack, The Asferi Collection is a Bold and Vibrant Statement of Luxury and Pristine Quality

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 15, 2020 / Fast fashion has become all the rage in recent years, constantly chasing trends to make a fast sale, sacrificing the essence and artistry of fashion for mere commercial pursuits has become rather commonplace. Most brands have lost touch within the industry, and customers have lost their own sense of pride in owning a high-quality fashion brand due to the rapid passing of the trends and the pressure of having to constantly keep up.

Asferi doesn’t play the fashion game. It reinvents it in sheer artistry and revels in its luxury and all its glory. Owning an Asferi means being a cut above the rest; it’s about staying away from the pack and making a bold statement. Wearing art itself and walking down the streets, Asferi is about being part of the pride, standing courageous, and taking down the trends that have so long defined the industry. Asferi is bravery and power molded into clothing, and as such, there has been so much work put into every fiber of every piece in the Asferi Collection.

In 2005, the Asferi Lion was initially designed and consistently improved upon over the years. Through its constant evolution, the logo of the lion has become a very symbolic part of Asferi. The lion symbolizes patience, courage, protection, and viciousness all in one, which is what the brand is all about; the patience to craft such elegant pieces of fashion, the courage to stand above the common fashion trends, the protection of its brand quality, and the viciousness to take down the competition. The Asferi Lion stands proud and colorful with wavy, vibrantly colored locks of hair, with saber teeth that could crush the bones of any creature that stands in its way. Anthony Romello, who owns Asferi is greatly pleased with how the design has brought the prehistoric lion to life for everyone to adore. Asferi is surely a brand that many will enjoy. It is Art in the form of fashion, and people should be proud to walk around town with their Asferi lions etched on their clothing for many years to come.

Asferi is all about great quality, and with great quality comes the patient and meticulous handiwork that comes into every piece of great clothing that they put out. Each of the Asferi lion heads has over 124,000 stitches, 15 vibrant colors, and each embroidery process takes up to 6 hours to complete. That is the patience and the resilience of the lion put into action.

Young and mature people alike who have a discerning eye for high-quality luxury items would greatly appreciate a piece from the Asferi collection. Quality is the name of the game when it comes to Asferi, as they only utilize the best quality Egyptian cotton, silk, and EMF fabrics. There is no one else in the fashion industry that utilizes the invisible zipper pockets on the shoulder seams of shirts and hoodies, absolutely nobody else other than Asferi.

Anyone who’s looking for unique and high-quality luxury fashion items is sure to find the right fit in Asferi. You may give them a call on 443-4578999 or send them an email through

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