The Ultimate Portable Power Station Battle: EcoFlow R600 vs Explorer

EcoFlow R600, The World’s 1st Modular Portable Power Station Launched on Kickstarter

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Jackery–Portable power stations, also known as solar generators or battery generators, enable you to charge your devices when you encounter power outage or far from the power grid. As two leading Portable Power Station brands, EcoFlow and Jackery have their respective advantages. As EcoFlow has just launched its latest product R600 on Kickstarter, people may wonder, what’s new with R600, and does it perform better than its counterpart?

What EcoFlow R600 Does Better

  • Modular Design for Capacity Expansion:

    • The Capacity of R600 Pro Starts from 768Wh, it enjoys 3500+ lifecycles and it can easily expand to 2304Wh capacity by connecting the EF-1500 External Battery. You can even chain R600 Pro with any number of third-party 12V deep cycle batteries or LFP batteries to customize your own system with truly unlimited power. Explorer 500 has a fixed capacity of 518wh.
  • Chainable: R600 series is the only chainable power station on the market that not only doubles its capacity but also doubles its power output.
  • X-boost: With its patented technology, R600 can lower the required power draw of heavy-duty devices (like a hairdryer) running them more efficiently with only 600W. No matter Explorer 240 or Explorer500, it’s not possible for them to run heavy-duty devices that require large power consumption.
  • Fast-recharging: 10 times faster than the industry average, R600 can be fully charged within 2 hours. J240 and J500 need 8 hours and 7.5 hours, respectively, in order to recharge fully.

EcoFlow intended to design a system that would fit seamlessly into everyone’s lifestyle, regardless of socioeconomic status and geography, with the end goal to provide R600– and more like it – to every corner of the world, especially the underprivileged. R600 features practical power usage at a fraction of the usual price, as EcoFlow provides the super early backers with an up to 27% discount, starting at $269 and per cycle costs as little as $0.14.


EcoFlow — a clean energy startup with the mission of building an equitable ecosystem for renewable energy that brings large-scale power storage to everyone. See more via


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