Top 10 Businesses You Should Follow That Are Thriving During Covid-19

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 13, 2020 / Due to the recent Global Pandemic of Covid-19, businesses across the world have been faced with no choice but to adapt. In order to survive in the current Market Place, creativity and innovation has shown to be essential for industries to maintain and grow.

Some of these adaptations will remain permanently, changing industries and their practices for good. Furthermore, Next Wave Marketing has put together an impressive list of the Top 10 Businesses that have faced these challenges and successfully adapted.

1. The Brokerage House Realtors

The Brokerage House Realtors has seen nothing but success during Covid-19. CEO Aaron Rian, founded The Brokerage House Realtors in 2008 during the last economic recession. It’s safe to say that the hard work it took to become a powerhouse during one of the greatest recessions in United States history over a decade ago has influenced the group’s success during Covid-19. To date since the global pandemic began, The Brokerage House Realtors is one of the few employers still growing and hiring. To adapt to their current environment, The Brokerage House has made significant changes to their agenda. They’ve leaned up and started to focus on what matters most, Sales training and Lead generation. Because of these changes the Brokerage has seen a consistent flow of sales. Aaron’s biggest take away for other businesses during Covid-19 is to “always know your numbers and never take on unnecessary expenses”. To date, The Brokerage is a national real estate firm operating in 6 different markets including Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Florida, South Carolina, & North Carolina. To learn more about The Brokerage House Realtors, click here.

2. Kennected

Since the start of the Coronavirus outbreak, Kennected has focused greatly on their ability to build quality relationships, leads, and new business. Devin Johnson, Cody Harvey, and Aaron Platt currently lead the new sales department at Kennected. Their untraditional software company helps Businesses capture hard-to-reach, ideal leads through the world’s largest businesses directory, LinkedIn. Kennected helps businesses stand out, grow their presence, and automate lead generation. The company was founded on the backbone of years of digital marketing experience by Devin Johnsons, Cody Harvey, Elliot Drake, Stephen Twomey, and Brandon Poplstein. The goal was to create a solution that was simple yet more effective than traditional marketing company services. The goal was successful and ultimately brought the power of lead generation and marketing back to 8,000+ businesses and entrepreneurs around the world in less than 2 years. With a leadership team that’s dedicated to bringing the highest level of service and value to the marketplace, the only way to take the company a step further was to continue creating a culture and team unlike any other. Aaron went on to say, “Culture has been extremely successful in attracting young talent across the United States and Canada”. Despite employees working from home due to the Coronavirus, Kennected has still seen a 20% growth in revenue. By implementing new communication methods, Cutting edge marketing strategies, and systems within the company, Kennected has ultimately been able to thrive as a team. Together, Kennected is on track to become one of the top companies to work for in 2020. To learn more about Kennected, click here.

3. Project Wifi

Entrepreneurs Paul G Parker, Andy Ta Kong, Marcello Cantu and Mohammed Shakaoat have collectively founded the successful online business Project Wifi. Project Wifi offers a variety of services from dropshipping mentorship to Amazon Management. During Covid-19, Project Wifi has experienced a huge increase in sales volume for several of their client’s Amazon stores. Since the stay at home orders have been put in place due to the Coronavirus, there has been a huge increase in the amount of people shopping on This has directly impacted Project Wifi, and caused them to hire several new employees in order to keep up with the increase in volume that their stores are experiencing. By adapting to the changes caused by this unprecedented time, Project Wifi has continued to successfully manage and scale their clients’ Amazon stores. To learn more about Project Wifi click here.

4. EveryDay Success Team

For the Social Media Marketing Agency, EveryDaySuccessTeam, business has been booming ever since the outbreak of COVID-19. As more businesses risk the potential of shutting down, surviving businesses have been turning to online marketing in order to bring attention to their product or service. CEO, Christopher McGinnis has been making significant adaptations to EveryDay Success Team in order to stay on top of their game. During a time when no one is leaving their home, everyone is looking for an opportunity to earn more money safely. VP of Sales, Jeremy Arthur Morris has been busier than ever teaching hundreds of new clients and hustlers across the world how to resell the services and change their life to make a great monthly income all utilizing the power of Wifi and the resources the company offers! Anyone can earn 25%+ monthly commission on all campaigns plus great bonuses which makes it a great opportunity for anyone who uses social media to make money on their own terms. Every Day Success Team has realized the importance of online credibility, and strives to help strengthen their presence online. To learn more about EveryDay Success Team, click here.

5. D2D Experts

D2D Experts is an online platform specifically tailored to individuals in Door to Door sales looking to build their skill set. Owner and CEO Sam Taggart has spent a majority of the Covid-19 pandemic improving their businesses structure, onboarding new employees, and finalizing new products and systems. By implementing virtual coaching and consulting, Sam has been able to adapt to the changing times. They also recently added a training program for their clients. This program teaches individuals how to sell virtually while focusing on providing real applicable content. Ultimately, this has allowed them to provide multiple avenues of sale and greatly diversified their business. If you’re in Direct Sales specifically Door to Door sales, it doesn’t matter if it’s Solar Sales, Alarm Sales, Pest Control Sales, or more… get detailed information on their website

6. Nikomerce

For Entrepreneurs Aaron Platt, Niko Porikos, and Tony Calderone, they had no other option than to adapt to the changes brought by Covid-19. Together, they run Nikomerce which was recently launched on April 1, 2020. Their start was right when Covid-19 began to spread in the United States. However, this did not halt any growth in their business. When chaos rises so does opportunity. Nikomerce needed to set themselves apart from their competitors, especially with the opportunity that loomed. With the increased opportunity to generate new deals with qualified businesses due to global panic and chaos, they began working deals with some of the top brands in the country. The result of their efforts sunk them some favorable retainers, mostly over 6 figures in revenue each. Outside of their quick strategy to build their client base with qualified businesses, they used their down time to clarify key points to their business structure. Some of which include hiring new key pieces with qualified individuals to their backend and building out new procedures to allow Nikomerce to service their clients to the highest standard. To learn more about Nikomerce click here.

7. Virginia Titan Division

Bryan Hurlman, Division Manager with Vector Marketing/Cutco, has used COVID-19 as motivation to grow his Virginia Titan Division. Since the unprecedented changes caused by the Coronavirus Pandemic, the Virginia Titan Division has grown over 380% in Q2 from 2019. By completing all interviews, training, and customer interactions remotely through video conferencing platforms, the Virginia Titan Division is adapting to the new way of sales. Moreover, Cutco has also seen an increase in demand for their high quality kitchen products; nationwide shelter in place orders have increased the frequency in which many Americans are cooking from home. The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in many students either having their summer work plans canceled or postponed. As students attempt to find something to replace the income/experience they typically earn at a traditional summer internship/job, many companies have frozen hiring or have been forced into lay-offs because of the economic repercussions of COVID-19. Swiftly pivoting to remote interviews, training and customer/rep interactions has given the Virginia Titan Division a framework to experience massive revenue growth (while facilitating personal/professional growth in the young people they recruit and train). “Students need experience. They need income. Mostly, they need to develop skills that are transferable and applicable for what they want to do in their future careers. And with the importance of social distancing, they need to be able to work remotely. That’s where we come in.” There is an increased demand for quality kitchen products like Cutco, and there is a need for students to be able to develop skills/experience and earn money remotely. “It’s a win-win,” Bryan says.

8. Young Money University

For Todd Romer, he has seen an increase in new members between ages 18-29 who have subscribed to Young Money University. The mission of Young Money University is to take people from financial overwhelm, stress and insecurity to feeling confident and in control about reaching their personal goals and dreams. Through a simple but powerful 5 step success path, Young Money University members learn how to dream, save, spend, invest and give money differently no matter their monthly income. Since Covid-19, Young Money University has successfully adapted to changes caused by the virus. By going from live event teaching and coaching, to an almost fully online experience, Young Money University is transitioning in a way that benefits their markets needs.

9. Bolton Financial

Araba Bolton’s Bolton Financial, located in Windsor, Connecticut, has adapted to the challenging environment caused by Covid-19 by offering face to face remote consultations. Bolton Financial’s client base has been very active in requesting financial and benefit related advice, and to meet this demand clients are now able to book their own virtual appointments online. By utilizing the video conferencing platform Zoom, Bolton Financial has successfully maintained the personal face to face connections with clients that typical phone calls don’t provide. By keeping a positive attitude, Araba Bolton has been able to navigate this tough time while retaining close relationships with her clients in CT, MA, NJ, and NY.

10. The Ripple Effect Group

Brad Deveran understands that in order to be successful in a time like this, you have to be prepared for adversity. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, Deveran’s team has adapted to working remotely, putting in more late night hours, and offering free or low cost service rates. His business, The Ripple Effect Group, (REG) has experienced a significant increase in small to medium sized business client requests for marketing changes, website enhancements, and strategy consultations since the start of the Coronavirus. Deveran indicated that REG has seen strong growth due to businesses outsourcing their marketing efforts, as many companies have been proactively looking to reduce costs by eliminating in-house teams.

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