Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs Helping Communities Thrive During The COVID-19 Recession

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 21, 2020 / In today’s uncertain and tough economic times, entrepreneurs and business owners are going to have to step up and lead the way, especially in their communities. And studies have shown that women pump as much as 90% of their earnings back into their local economy and community in comparison to men. Let’s take a look at 2020’s Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs who are not only adapting to the current economic environment, but are also currently finding ways to impact and influence more people to step out of survival mode and step into thrival through their message, products, and services:

1. Lauren Eliz Love

Lauren Eliz Love (@iambusinessbabe) is the founder and CEO Of the Business Babe Brand, an online community of 80,000 women who are dedicated to growing businesses while also becoming the best versions of themselves. Lauren teaches business strategy, mindset work and spiritual practice for creating wealth. She teaches her students how to create the reality of their dreams by mastering their mindset first. During these uncertain economic times, Lauren is providing extra support to her community through mindset trainings and videos that help them keep focused on positive outcomes.

2. Jessica Schembri

Jessica Schembri (@jess_schembri_) coaches’ women and helps them reach their full potential through mindset and business coaching. Her podcast “The Abundance Hub” charted number 11 in Australia in 2019 in the self-improvement sector with over 85k downloads. Jess offers next level accountability coaching, not for the faint hearted, but she will lovingly kick your ass and help you transform your business, career, relationships and self-worth. Her current client base has thrived during these uncertain economic times, creating huge business pivots and income with the help of her coaching and mentoring.

3. Thatja Andrade

Thatja Andrade (@thatjaandrade) is an International Speaker, Women Empowerment Mentor and Entrepreneur. She is the founder of The Magnetic Woman Academy, and took her online business from zero to multiple 6-figures in six months, by doing what she is best at – helping Female Entrepreneurs globally build a strong foundation for lasting magnetism so they can play bigger roles in love & business. She is currently growing a membership community of the most ambitious female entrepreneurs by helping them turn their message into money and impact during these tough economic times.

4. Sonia Zarbatany

Sonia Zarbatany “Coach Sonia” (@soniazarbatany) is an International speaker, life and business coach, and corporate consultant who lives her life for IMPACT. From her Coach Sonia retreats and her “Le Tribe” event and co-working space in Montreal, Sonia has built and scaled several businesses to well over 7 figures and in these uncertain economic times, Sonia is helping her community on How To Start Up Your Business In 30 Days, How To Pivot Your Business During Covid-19, How To Find Your Identity and How To Build Your Social Media Blueprint.

5. Georgie Stevenson

Georgie Stevenson (@georgiestevenson), is an Australian social media health & fitness personality, co-founder of Naked Harvest Supplements and host of one of Australia’s top self-help podcasts, The Rise and Conquer Podcast! and is focusing on providing practical tips to successfully #WFH, adjusting to new routines & adapting to change. Recognising that communities might be feeling disheartened by the effects of COVID-19, she has been providing free LIVE workouts 3 times a week on Naked Harvest and have also lowered the price to her fitness resource (@nhfit_) portfolio of home-based workouts.

6. Bec Miller

Bec Miller (@health_with_bec), founder of Health With Bec. is a qualified, clinical nutritionist, specialising in weight loss and gut health. After healing her own weight and horrible gut issues, Bec loves helping women and her approach revolutionises the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating with her slightly lower carb, higher fat approach that works for women who have “tried it all”. She has been helping women in these uncertain times through her online membership, the Health with Bec Tribe, to manage their health and weight, mental health and immunity.

7. Steph Taylor

Steph Taylor ( is a digital product launch strategist and host of Socialette, a bite-sized online marketing podcast. Steph helps businesses create and launch digital products and podcasts, build brand awareness, grow their audience and become the go-to experts in their industry. She also helps entrepreneurs make a bigger impact, create more profit and have more freedom. She’s currently running a series of free podcasting masterclasses to help people take action on their podcast idea and also strategies to COVID-proof their businesses with a new (and online!) income stream.

8. Amber Valdez

Amber Valdez (@iamambervaldez) is a former TV Personality, NFL Cheerleader turned best selling Author, business coach and spiritual awakening guide leading the masses to build successful businesses online. Through online programs and International retreats, Amber assists people with self love, healing, exploring spiritual practices and mastering live videos. Amber is currently launching her “Let your light shine live” course to provide her clients with all the tools to stand out, and embody their confidence and authenticity on camera – reinventing themselves and moving their businesses online in these uncertain economic times.

9. Mandy Ansari

Mandy Ansari (@mandy) is a digital marketer, brand strategist, tech nerd and mental health advocate who works with startups to Fortune 500 companies to increase their reach and build their digital footprint through creative marketing. She leads Community Marketing at Bumble and is the Lifestyle Blogger behind, a guide to chasing happiness for the modern girl. With anxiety at an all-time high right now, her Virtual Pep Talk Generator has over 5,000 subscribers who have signed up to receive daily text messages of positivity and encouragement.

10. Anna Richards

Anna Richards (@annarose_richards) is a globally known professional Network Marketer having successfully earned her first million online by age 30 in just 5 short years. A sought-after keynote speaker internationally, she impacts thousands of lives from the stage and online and her greatest passion more than ever is empowering and showing women how they can do, be & have it all too. In a world where people are fearful for their health and financial future – Anna is helping people with both, helping people stay healthy and helping people get paid.

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