VMware Showcases Customer and Product Innovations for Multi-Cloud Operations at CloudLIVE 2020

New CloudHealth by VMware Platform Capabilities Advance Organizations’ Cloud Maturity

BOSTON & PALO ALTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today at the annual CloudLIVE Conference hosted by VMware, Inc. (NYSE: VMW), CloudHealth by VMware customers will take center stage to share details of their multi-cloud journey and outline strategies for harnessing the power of cloud to drive innovation and growth. For these organizations, CloudHealth delivers multi-cloud operations capabilities that provide visibility, control, and cost optimization. VMware also announced new features in CloudHealth and VMware Secure State, including FlexOrgs and Savings Plan Recommendations, that will provide even deeper support for enterprises seeking to build more secure and compliant multi-cloud infrastructure, help prevent loss of control, and manage steadily climbing cloud bills.

Keynote speaker Joe Kinsella, vice president and CTO, CloudHealth by VMware, will kick off the event. Kinsella will draw from years of working with leading cloud organizations, his past experiences as a startup founder and longtime entrepreneur, as well as his time spent pioneering the use of multiple public clouds at scale, to talk about major cloud disruptions impacting the market today and in the future. Additional presenters will cover best practices and key learnings related to the following topics:

  • Creating a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE),
  • Developing a Cloud Financial Management (CFM) strategy,
  • Managing security and governance at scale.

“A sound multi-cloud strategy relies on agility, flexibility, and control,” said Tom Axbey, vice president and general manager, CloudHealth by VMware. “To achieve that competitive edge, businesses must focus on driving accountability, improving cross-organizational collaboration, optimizing costs, and being more secure. That is the focus at CloudLIVE: empowering customers on their cloud journey and showcasing stories of innovation and success in the cloud.”

Customers Share Their Experiences

Enterprises and managed service providers (MSPs) across all industries and global regions continue to adopt CloudHealth for more secure and efficient multi-cloud operations. CloudLIVE will feature several customer and partner speakers, including the following:

  • Secureworks, a cybersecurity leader, uses CloudHealth as part of its CFM practice. Dave Bushell, IT Senior Director, Cloud and Infrastructure Services, Secureworks, said, “Cloud can be tremendously exciting and empowering, but you have to be wary of loss of control and unchecked spend. CloudHealth is one of the many ways we focus on harnessing the power of the cloud to transform our culture and drive accountability.”
  • Domo, a Business Intelligence company, empowers organizations with BI leverage at cloud scale, in record time. “To continue to be a leader in our industry, we rely on a CCoE to drive agility and collaboration,” said Riley Jenkins, Senior Site Reliability Engineering Architect, Domo. “Having representation from major cloud stakeholders across the entire organization enables us to maintain proper visibility and innovate at cloud speed.”
  • Managed cloud solutions provider Onica, a Rackspace company, helps clients manage hundreds of millions of dollars in AWS cloud spend annually through its Onica Cloud Optimizer team. “Cost governance is the backbone of an effective cloud management program,” said Sean Anderson, Senior Cloud Business Consultant at Rackspace. “Using CloudHealth, Rackspace works with you to put together a tailored cost governance strategy that controls cloud costs without stifling innovation.”
  • Jobcase, a job marketplace and social platform provider, is driving internal transformation by moving away from a centralized model for tech ops. “How do you ‘shift left’ on security without sacrificing agility or speed?” said Patrick Hetherton, vice president of TechOps at Jobcase. “We use VMware Secure State as part of that effort. It’s enabled even better collaboration between DevOps and engineering, and helped us put guardrails in place to develop more safe, secure applications and embody a ‘develop quick, act fast’ mentality.”

Driving Successful Multi-Cloud Operations

CloudHealth continues to push user-driven features and enhancements that empower customers and partners throughout their cloud journey. At CloudLIVE, attendees will receive an exclusive look at new service offerings and product capabilities designed to optimize multi-cloud operations for cost and security, including the following:

  • FlexOrgs, now generally available, are a feature that tackles the challenges of scale and complexity by allowing customers to map CloudHealth to their business structure. FlexOrgs segment visibility and feature access, enabling enterprises to take advantage of advanced user permissions. Customers can create and delegate sub-organizations up to 10 levels deep and manage permissions via API, ultimately driving greater flexibility, decentralized management and tighter business alignment.
  • Savings Plan Recommendations, in public beta, helps enable customers to derive maximum benefit from AWS Savings Plans. CloudHealth will model out a company’s Savings Plan purchase, accounting for factors such as budget, coverage rates and long-term business initiatives in order to identify the best option. Once bought, CloudHealth also enables customers to amortize and allocate Savings Plans to the correct business group, for simpler tracking and accounting across accounts, instance families, and regions.
  • VMware Secure State users can now directly query the new Entity Data Service APIs to gain additional insights, thereby enhancing visibility into cloud resources for security teams. The API allows users to search and filter cloud resources, get configuration details, discover connected resources, and retrieve complete historic configuration changes. Additionally, VMware Secure State will now support Amazon EKS and DynamoDB, providing even greater levels of visibility for AWS users.
  • The CloudHealth Optimization Desk is designed to help customers advance their cloud maturity and react to sudden shifts in market dynamics, such as those that have resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic. The new service connects customers to a cloud expert who provides tailored recommendations based on use case, with a focus on optimization opportunities, performance against industry benchmarks, and suggested KPIs.
  • API enhancements enable customers to embed CloudHealth directly into their continuous integration/continuous delivery pipelines. These Policy API enhancements help drive towards continuous governance of financial management, operations, security, and compliance.
  • CloudHealth now supports Azure Modern Commerce, following Microsoft’s announcement of their Modern Commerce CSP program. Leading Microsoft CSP partners who rely on CloudHealth to offer managed Azure services can now take advantage of this offering.

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