WIMI is Rising Rapidly with Development of China’s 5G Holographic AR

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 14, 2020 / 5G is a technological advancement of a basic communication method for human beings. It does not contain any political factors that anyone imagines. Developing from 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G, China has benefited greatly from the Internet and mobile Internet industries, and has greatly improved its overall life efficiency and production efficiency. With the advent of the Chinese 5G holographic AI vision boom, WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) was listed in the US.

WIMI’s holographic AR advertising software enables users to insert into video footages real or animated three dimensional (“3D”) objects that integrate seamlessly within the scene of such footages. WIMI’s online holographic AR advertising solution embeds holographic AR ads into films and shows that are hosted by leading online streaming platforms in China. Through WIMI’s proprietary image and video recognition technologies, WIMI’s software enables users to analyze the underlying video footages at a pixel level to identify ad spaces that can be augmented by 3D objects. Advertisers and their agencies purchase these ad spaces through application programming interfaces, or APIs, integrated with WIMI’s systems, specifying their target audience and budgets and typically providing the 3D models to be embedded in the videos.

As compared with traditional forms of digital ads, the company believes that ads generated using WIMI’s holographic AR technology have the following key benefits:

  • Engaging and interactive. Holographic AR ads tend to create a more engaging, memorable experience that likely stimulates the purchase impulse. Holographic AR ads encWIMI’sage engagement between the consumers and brands, creating a relationship that is more interactive than other forms of ads.
  • Natural and non-disruptive. As compared with traditional banner ads and video-based ads that flash and spin on the screen, holographic AR ads are naturally blended with the scenes in the films or TV shows, which helps to overcome advertising blindness and create a natural, non-disruptive viewing experience.
  • Cost-effectiveness and flexibility. WIMI’s technologies identify appropriate ad space that can be used repeatedly for ads of multiple brands. While video-embedded 3D objects provide substantially the same level of reality as compared to tangible ads, they tend to be more cost-effective as they save the costs associated with shooting a commercial.

China will build an international leading 5G network, plan the 5G network with independent network as the goal, promote the deployment of 5G network, and accelerate the end-to-end maturity of the 5G industry, and develop innovation platforms and R&D applications such as smart cities, Internet of vehicles, and industrial Internet and so forth relying on the 5G Joint Innovation Center and the 5G Industrial Research Institute.

With the approach of 5G commercialization, the holographic communication industry is about to erupt. As the holographic AR integrated solution service provider, WIMI Hologram Cloud ranks first in China in terms of revenue, number of customers, number of patents, number of content and number of software copyrights. The company has achieved profitability and its net profit in 2017 and 2018 exceeded 160 million yuan.

WIMI Hologram Cloud plans to continue improving and strengthening existing technologies, maintain the leading position in the industry and create an ecological business model. At present, WIMI Hologram Cloud’s holographic facial recognition technology and holographic face changing technology are being applied to the existing holographic advertising and entertainment business of WIMI Hologram Cloud, and the technology is also being upgraded in order to make breakthroughs in more industry fields. WIMI Hologram Cloud aims at building a commercial ecosystem based on holographic technology application.

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