XFC Matchmaker Eduardo Duarte Introduced

DESTIN, FL / ACCESSWIRE / May 28, 2020 / Duke Mountain Resources Inc. (OTC PINK:DKMR) has announced that the Xtreme Fighting Championships (“XFC”) Board of Directors has retained matchmaker Eduardo Duarte in the highly anticipated relaunch of the renowned brand.

Duarte was an integral leader in XFC’s rise to international acclaim previously. Eduardo has, for the last 11 years, been a leading player in the development/expansion of MMA and Jiu Jitsu throughout Latin America where he has coached, trained, refereed, organized competitions and events as well as sanction the first MMA competitions in Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Costa Rica, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.

A 4th degree Blackbelt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Duarte is an MMA specialist with over 20 years involved in the development of the sport from street no rules fighting to what is the mainstream sport of MMA today.

The XFC business model promotes discovering rising stars in the XFC Young Gun Series, the Next Generation of Champions in the XFC Tournament, and ultimately the XFC SuperFight World Championships.

XFC President and COO, Myron Molotky stated: “XFC is a global brand that will employ 185+ fighters from 35+ different countries. Eduardo’s expertise will help secure a formidable roster, as well as continue the XFC tradition of staging open tryouts for deserving young stars. Many fighters who have become household names have experienced the process of the XFC Open Tryouts, and we are excited to continue offering the opportunities through the XFC business model.”

XFC CEO Steve Smith added: “XFC is the only publicly traded combat sports entity in the world. As we continue to grow our leadership team, the priority will be placed on the “best of the best” in their respective areas of expertise. The continued presence with Eduardo at the helm of our fight cards creates a level of trust with our fans, fighters and staff. His resume speaks for itself.”

Smith continued “The interest to become a part of XFC has been overwhelming, and more announcements are forthcoming. Industry leaders have reached out and we are in the process of securing even more top talent in sports entertainment.”

XFC has a new website at XFCMMA.net and will be announcing new broadcast partners in the coming weeks. News will also be announced on our social media channels, such as our 440,000 fans on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/OfficialXFC/ and robust XFC-XFC International YouTube channel.

About the Company

Duke Mountain Resources Inc. (OTC: DKMR) became a primary investor in the sports entertainment market of mixed martial arts. As the lead investor of Xtreme Fighting Championships, Inc.(“XFC”), DKMR became XFC and is a premier international mixed martial arts (“MMA”) organization with offices throughout the United States and South America. The Xtreme Fighting Championships (XFC) is the only publicly traded independent mixed martial arts (MMA) organization in the world. XFC partnered with one of the largest open television broadcasters in Latin America – Rede TV! as well as HBO, ESPN, Esportes Interativo, Terra TV (the largest internet portal in the world), and UOL – the largest internet portal in Latin America, and premium cable & satellite television network. More announcements of broadcast partners in the USA and Europe will be provided in June, 2020. The XFC has had over 185 exclusively signed fighters, representing over 35+ countries worldwide with even more growth expected. Boasting the signing of The Next Generation of Male & Female Superstars, the XFC is known for entertaining fans with the most action-packed MMA events on television and stadium venues.The Next Generation of MMA


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SOURCE: Duke Mountain Resources, Inc.

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