100+ Abandoned Dogs of the Everglades – Florida Dog Rescue Will Stop at Nothing to Save the Lives of These Adorable Animals

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 30, 2020 / Last year, in Florida according to the Florida Shelter Animal Census an estimated 400,498 dogs and cats were admitted to their various shelters in the state. These lovely, furry, adorable family pets can fall victim to abuse, malnourishment, and abandonment by their owners and as animals they can’t help it whatsoever. As a result, hundreds of thousands of dogs and cats are left for dead each year if organizations don’t step in and help. It’s an epidemic, not just in Florida but across the nation.

One organization that is putting all their time and effort into raising awareness and saving these animals is 100+ Abandoned Dogs of the Everglades – Florida Dog Rescue.

“We are the animal’s voice, we speak loud and clear for them, because they don’t have one.” The organization works day and night, 7 days a week in an effort to save as many pets as possible in the Everglade area. Founded by Amy Roman, their mission is to rescue these pets, bring them back to health, no matter the cost, care for them and show them the utmost love until the day they can find a suitable home for the adorable pet. To this date, the organization has saved 4,000 plus suffering and injured dogs. They will stop at nothing to save these family pets.

Beyond that, raising awareness to the situation at hand is a key component in their process. With adequate awareness, it can prevent a situation from even happening in the first place and show the surrounding community ways they can help and be a difference. 100+ Abandoned Dogs of the Everglades – Florida Dog Rescue has succeeded through their complete transparency. They raise awareness by showing their surrounding communities everything that’s involved in their organization via the use of live videos, social media, news outlets and before and after pictures. Awareness saves lives.

100+ Abandoned Dogs of the Everglades – Florida Dog Rescue has been featured on many local news radio stations, live news television broadcasts, and has a large Facebook audience with over 11,000 people watching daily. Their outreach is massive, but their effect is even greater. The organization is very passionate and dedicated to what they do best and will do everything in their power to save a “man’s best friend.”

If you’d like more information on 100+ Abandoned Dogs of the Everglades – Florida Dog Rescue and how you can help by adopting one of their pets, donating or even volunteering for the organization, you can check out their website below.


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