5 Ideas for Location-Based Application

Startups with a location-based option are at the height of success today. The overriding purpose of location-based applications is to offer a variety of services depending on the location of the user at the moment. Before we review the top five incredible ideas for a powerful location-based app, let’s have a look at the main types of location-based applications:

  • Location-based search. For example, pubs, cafes, or restaurants that are located in close proximity. A powerful app enables you to check the restaurant’s menu, see some real photos, and check the distance to this place from your location.
  • Sending drop-messages. For instance, loyalty program apps that enable you to earn points that you can exchange for gift cards.
  • Apps for finding people. The main goal of such applications is to track the location of family members, colleagues, or friends. For example, the Happn application allows you to see the profiles of people that are located nearby. If necessary you can connect with them and spend some time together.

Now, let’s move on to discussing the best and the most effective location-aware app ideas that might help you take the application to a new level.

Overview of Key Ideas for Location-Aware Applications

It goes without saying that if you want to develop your business and push up sales, you need to be present online. Sometimes, one website is not enough, users are lazy today and in all likelihood, they will choose your competitor who has a mobile app. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, you need to have a location based app, and here are a few awesome ideas that might come in handy.

An app for locating products in stores

You know that big retail stores are overloaded with a variety of products, and sometimes, it is really hard to find this or that item quickly. This idea brings lots of benefits to brands:

  • The app can remind customers of recurring purchases.
  • It can show products to clients basing on their product history.
  • The app can notify users of special product items that are offered for sale at a lower price now.

Could you imagine a user without a smartphone today? Definitely no! Such apps enable business owners to remind users of their services, bonuses, and loyalty programs. When they visit the department store, an app can send a notification about the superb bonuses you have at the moment.

Navigation apps

When it comes to discussing location awareness apps, we couldn’t pass by this idea. Navigation apps are the main trend to take into consideration. Their main goal is to predict some potential obstacles for users to avoid traffic jams. The best and probably the most popular navigation app is Google maps. It needs no introduction. Waze is another well-known solution that enables users to plan routes or average time to get to this or that place.

However, not only outdoor navigation apps are popular. Indoor navigation solutions, such as Purple app or Mapsted are also in great request today. The first one helps users find their way in the hospital; the second one is developed for big malls. Such apps for indoor navigation are extremely useful for big resorts that include a few hotels, swimming pools, cafes, etc. Seems like this is the main trend for the future.

Threats Notifying Apps

Regardless of the fact that we live in the 21st century and technology is constantly evolving, the modern world is not safe. No one is impervious to the acts of terrorism or disasters that happen regularly. Such apps are a must-have solution in this case. They allow users to be notified of anything terrible that might happen and avoid lots of difficulties. Moreover, such apps can provide people with crucially important information based on statistics and analysis of local magazines and newspapers.

The best location based app examples where this idea is implemented are LastQuake or FEMA. Their main objective is to provide users with information about some weather-related events. However, the choice of such software solutions is not huge. The modern world still needs some worthy solutions that can notify people of danger.

Check-in applications

People used to share reviews online today. People used to share photos of their drinks or meals via Facebook or Instagram. Seems like it is a compulsory part of modern life, to share what you eat and where you are right now. Such apps stimulate users to share their reviews online. In doing so, they help others to find interesting places in the vicinity and share positive or negative reviews about this or that place. Therefore, we should agree that such applications gradually become a part of our life.

eCommerce apps

Every business owner understands that customers are lazy today. They want to have everything at hand and if it is really hard to order on your website, they will choose a competitor. eCommerce mobile apps can help you get more clients. Such tools allow people to order some necessary products online and then, come to the brick-and-mortar store to pick them up. Such apps enable people to avoid crowds and standing in lines. These applications collect information about the user’s location and allow them to get the order from the store that is located nearby.

In this case, one can develop an app that represents only one brand or deal with other brands to gather more brands on one app. Geolocation is a superb tool that enables you to control the behavior clients: what they eat, what places they visit, etc. By gathering this information, one can easily target the right users.

To build the right geolocation tool, you just need to brainstorm to learn what activities are related to location and in what areas people would really like to get more automation. However, it’s the main marketing trend that allows business owners to somehow predict the needs of their clients and offer superb propositions when a user really needs them.

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