Arceo and DarkOwl Renew Engagement to bring Darknet Risk Scoring to Insurance Industry

DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–DarkOwl LLC, a Denver-based cybersecurity company specializing in darknet data, is proud to announce that they are extending their cyber risk assessment work with

Arceo provides an end-to-end, turnkey platform that empowers the insurance ecosystem to efficiently transact cyber policies and understand their risk exposure across all markets.

DarkOwl’s DARKINT Scores supplement Arceo’s risk scoring to more accurately and efficiently measure cyber risk exposure on the darknet. Similar to a credit score, DARKINT Scores are based on relevant dark web data that can enable underwriters, re-insurers, brokers and the like to cast a wider net in the calculation of cyber risk.

DarkOwl CEO, Mark Turnage states, “ is a critical player in the cyber insurance industry, a best-in-breed, and we are proud to continue our partnership—which has been fruitful and very successful. There is much to be done regarding monitoring for cyber risk in the insurance industry, particularly in the darknet, and we make a powerful team with Arceo.”

“So much emphasis is put on checking the security posture on an enterprise, but a company’s exposure on the darknet is critical to understanding how well this posture has held up against criminal attackers. DarkOwl has been a great source of intelligence and highly flexible in integrating their product into a solution that can better serve our clients,” shares Dr. Ann Irvine, Head of Data Science at Arceo.

The Arceo platform provides all insurance stakeholders with a common framework powered by global cyber threat intelligence, state-of-the-art technical assessment, and advanced insurance analytics. Unlike static cyber risk scoring solutions, Arceo combines dynamic risk assessment with quoting and binding into one platform to streamline policy distribution and underwriting.

Going forward, Arceo and DarkOwl will be teaming up to conduct and provide research and insights into the effects of cyber risk exposure on the darknet.

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About enables cyber resilience by combining smarter insurance products with dynamic security solutions. Headquartered in San Francisco, Arceo empowers insurers and brokers to better assess, underwrite, and manage cyber risks through a patented methodology called Cyber Meteorology. Arceo’s holistic risk analytics and insurance platform enables enterprises to better identify, respond to, and recover from cyber risks using AI to drive advanced risk assessment and proactive security services. For more information, visit and stay up to date on our blog, Twitter and LinkedIn.

About DarkOwl

DarkOwl was founded in 2016 with the mission of collecting the broadest dataset of darknet content available in the cyber-defense industry and making that data both accessible and valuable to its clients. By empowering its customers to have eyes on the darknet, DarkOwl enables organizations to fully understand their security posture, detect potential breaches, mitigate them quickly, and investigate even the furthest and most obscure reaches of the internet.


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