Australian Teenagers Could Become The Youngest Billionaires In The World

SEATTLE, WA / ACCESSWIRE / June 18, 2020 / Fotios Tsiouklas and Alan Gokoglu are multi-millionaires at just 19-years-old. The two friends ventured into business while still in high school. This milestone was after Fotios made money in the tech industry. Since then, the two have been involved in a variety of businesses, from digital marketing to app development, ecommerce, and social media ventures. Alan and Fotios also own two nightclubs.

It is hard to imagine being a multi-millionaire at 19-years-old. Yet, Fotios and Alan have already overcome this milestone. The duo has been featured on National TV, Forbes, and Entrepreneur with many awards under their wing. The fast-paced nature of their success is a sign that Alan and Fotios are out to become the youngest billionaires in the world.

A Bit of Background

Alan and Fotios have always had a passion for entrepreneurship. Fotios recalled that he would craft out business plans for education apps, charities, and websites from a young age. One of his first ventures was a website known as The site was intended to act as a social media network for photographers. At the time, those around him told him that would not work, even though he already had a business plan and a sample website. Later that year, a very similar website/app was released – Instagram. It was then that he realized that he had to believe in himself.

Since then, Fotios worked on several business ventures. In 2013, he was selling gaming codes on eBay. He would also sell other things on eBay, such as refurbished phones and spare parts from vehicles. Although he was already making at least $10,000 from his hassles, Fotios wanted to develop as a professional entrepreneur. From 2015 to 2018, he dedicated his Summer holidays to learning about social media marketing and app development.

The two entrepreneurs are the founders of Kickspan. The company is a social media growth and management service. Kickspan has helped thousands of clients increase their followers on social media.

Business Strategists

As young as they are, Alan and Fotios have proven that they are business strategists. When they started their enterprise, they would look for clients in nightclubs. Now, they dominate the market as they have powerful marketing tools and industry experience. When Instagram changed their algorithm, every growth tool stopped working. Alan and Fotios used the algorithm change as an opportunity to dominate the market. They did that since the algorithm change instantly wiped out their competition.

Alan and Fotios are also great at delivering quality work. At age 17, Fotios built an app for celebrity Blac Chyna (ex-husband of Rob Kardashian, who also has 14M+ followers). Fotios got this collaboration through Body Blendz, one of Australia’s largest skin care brands (owned by a local Greek friend). Body Blendz is in every Chemist Warehouse nationally.

During their collaboration with Blac Chyna, Fotios suggested creating an app alongside Body Blendz, Blac Chyna, and Chemist Warehouse to help them push their product collection.

A business strategist is one who can identify a lucrative business venture. The two entrepreneurs purchased the domain “” around six months ago with a prediction that TikTok would become the next biggest social media platform in the world. They bought the name from GoDaddy for $2,000. Recently, the name was valued at $145,000USD since the explosion of TikTok.

The Next Big Thing

Alan and Fotios will soon become the youngest billionaires in the world. The two are currently working towards removing barriers in the creation of mobile apps. As it stands, app development agencies charge up to $30,000 for just user face functionality. Many of their friends have paid $100-500K for a basic mobile app. Additionally, Alan and Fotios state that they have even heard of apps that cost up to $2M, which is ridiculous.

Over the years, the two young entrepreneurs have approached hundreds of people with the next big app idea. But, they have never been able to execute this project due to the insane amount of money and knowledge that it takes to develop apps.

Currently, Alan and Fotios are focusing all their efforts on This software will help anyone build a mobile app in under 1 hour, for just $99 per month. The software also comes with a free 7-day trial. The two brilliant minds are also vested in property development. They bought a small percentage of a $25M building in the Melbourne CBD area. In the next few years, Fotios and Alan will be the biggest entrepreneurs Australia has ever seen.


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