Bionet Releases Formal Statement Regarding Investigation and False Allegations

Santa Fe-Based Medical Research & Development Company Releases Formal Statement Addressing False Allegations Lobbied Against Bionet.

SANTA FE, NM / ACCESSWIRE / June 30, 2020 / Bionet NM LLC a Medical research and development company founded by Gabriel Bethel [DBA Bionet], announces formal statement in regards to false allegations lobbied against them.

Allegations made by Santa Fe journalists: “An obscure Santa Fe company is under criminal investigation for possible forgery and price gouging…”

In response to these allegations Bionet stated it has not been informed it is a target of any criminal activity by the Attorney General’s Office and was in fact cleared of any such activity by Homeland Security in a separate independent investigation. Based on facts and events, Bionet believes it is instead a material witness to events that took place with another third-party medical company, which is likely the target of the investigation. Bionet attempted to order from this company which never performed on its obligations and made false representations to Bionet and other officials.

In April 2020 an agent for a third-party PPE medical company solicited Bionet to purchase respirator masks originating from targeted Chinese factories for the State of New Mexico. The soliciting PPE company requested an official vendor verification letter for the purpose of proving to its Chinese factory suppliers that it was indeed dealing with an official State of New Mexico certified vendor. The Chinese factory suppliers specifically required a letter from one of the three government agencies involved; The Department of Health, The Governor’s Office, and/or The National Guard. An email verifying the state vendor status of Bionet had already been issued to Bionet by the Governor’s Deputy Chief of Staff and delivered earlier from Bionet to the third-party PPE company. The agent for the third-party PPE company stated that this email was not sufficient in providing the official status of the buyer for the Chinese factories to release the desired goods, and that the seller required a formal government letterhead to proceed.

Delivery of the requested letter to the Chinese factory suppliers was represented by the soliciting company to be time sensitive in order to secure the goods. The only agency that could be reached to discuss this type of letter after business hours (during the time when Chinese business hours normally take place) was the National Guard which operates 24/7 during emergency times. An approved draft version of the requested letter was permitted by an authorized official of the National Guard for specific limited release to the requesting agent of the soliciting medical company for approval of proposed draft language with the understanding that it would not be authorized for any further circulation until it was validated by the top ranking officer the following day.

The soliciting agent disregarded these instructions and subsequently circulated the unofficial draft letter as if it were authorized and validated in an attempt to solicit business from another state without the permission or knowledge of Bionet or the National Guard. Upon discovery of this breach of confidence by the PPE medical company, Bionet immediately severed all communication, business relations, and ties with them.

Bionet’s understanding is the Attorney General’s office has an open investigation on the soliciting company and all of the actors associated with it; therefore, Bionet will remain a part of the investigation until all of the evidence involving the PPE medical company is reviewed by the agencies involved. No money or goods were ever exchanged between Bionet and the soliciting company and nothing was ever charged to the State of New Mexico in relation to this PPE company.

Attorney Paul Kennedy publicly stated: “Although there is apparently a criminal investigation underway, Bionet has not been informed that it is a target of any criminal investigation by the Attorney General’s office or any other law enforcement agency. Based upon what I have been able to learn, Bionet, its officers and employees are instead material witnesses to events that took place with another company which is more likely the target of the investigation. Bionet attempted to order from this company; however, this company never performed on its contracts and made false representations to Bionet and others. It is my inference that the Attorney General’s office has an investigation going on regarding the aforementioned company and Bionet, of course, will remain a part of the ongoing investigation as a material actor until all of the evidence against this other company and other individuals is complete. No money or goods were ever exchanged between Bionet and the aforementioned company, which indicates that Bionet was, if anything, a victim of that company.”

In the matter of the initial sale of KN-95 masks to the state for $4.00 records show that Bionet sourced these goods for $4.00 from its domestic vendor and passed these goods to the state at the same price offered to Bionet with no markup to the state as a gratuitous gesture. The state has closed out numerous satisfactory invoices with Bionet and has not issued any allegations of price gouging. Kennedy further stated,”Bionet’s financial records indicate that any net profits remained well below any level which would support an allegation of price gouging.”

We will continue to update as this story unfolds and more information is made available.

About Bionet

Bionet was founded in 2010 by the Chairman & CEO, Gabriel Bethel. Bionet is engaged in a research and development joint venture with Harvest Medical Clinic and Wellness Center LLC, DBA Harvest Medical Center, which was formed in 2019 to open an innovative therapy center focused on integrative treatment protocols utilizing its background in pharmacogenetics to apply pharmacology methods to cannabinoid therapies.

According to Bionet, the concept is to create a unified healthcare co-op of the top healthcare professionals available in one complex promoting a common therapeutic modality which embraces the medical potentials of cannabinoids. Once perfected this integrative wellness center model can be reproduced and offered to people in communities that otherwise have limited access to this unique methodology of integrative healthcare.


Paul Kennedy

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