Blaux Portable AC Launched – Claims to Cut Electricity Bills

SEATTLE, WA / ACCESSWIRE / June 22, 2020 / Blaux Portable AC announces the launching of its most recent product, which is a tiny portable AC that has recently become available in online stores to help customers beat the heat and avoid high electricity bills.

Many people in the country will benefit with this lightweight, affordable, personal cooling device. Blaux Portable AC reviews have started to create a buzz online, with Americans wondering if they want to continue spending their days sweating on the couch while watching TV, or sweat through their office clothes right before that important meeting.

1. What is Blaux Portable AC used for? Why was it created?

Blaux Portable AC is a personal AC unit that was created with homes, office spaces, and school desks in mind. Its best features are its portability, lightweightness, and compact size, which allow the device to be used anywhere, including the office. It addresses the problem of having one fixed temperature for the entire floor of a building. For example, if coworkers are arguing that the heat is preferable to the cold while another is bathing in his own sweat, this coworker can simply turn on the portable Blaux AC without having to change the warm temperature of the room. They’ll keep their warmth, while he can enjoy the cool breeze all day. No fights, no arguments.

The Blaux personal air conditioner is simple to set up and use, with replacement parts available.

To help customers acquire their personal Blaux Portable AC, the company is offering a special price reduction on each pack option:

  • Four Blaux Portable AC – The Mega Cool Pack = $343.72 (discount pricing from $769.17)
  • Three Blaux Portable AC – Three Company’s Pack = $281.23 (discount pricing from $576.88)
  • Two Blaux Portable AC – Two Cool Pack = $249.98 (discount pricing from $384.58)
  • One Blaux Portable AC – Personal Cool Pack = $124.99 (discount pricing from $192.29)

2. Does Blaux Portable AC work? How does it work?

Users must simply add water to the top of the unit and insert the water curtain into it. After turning it on, a blast of cool air will envelop over everyone within the vicinity. This personal cooler comes with a convenient carry handle, allowing anyone to move it between rooms in a home, and even take it on a camping trip.

Instead of relying on a condenser like an AC, the Blaux cooler operates on water cooling. There’s a small pump assembly in the AC housing that pushes water from the reservoir over the replaceable water curtain.

The fan sucks in warm air from the room and pushes it through the water curtain. The water cools the air and absorbs all dust and airborne particles, trapping it in the water. Because there’s no condenser, this machine is cheap to run yet provides very effective cooling.

3. Blaux, Dry skin, and Humidity

As a result, Blaux Portable AC will help increase the humidity in the room, removing symptoms of dry skin and skin irritation associated with dry weather. The water curtain is to be replaced every 6 to 8-months, depending on frequency of use.

This machine performs optimally in dry climates. The combination action of cooling and humidifying the air prevents sinus irritation, dry skin, and dry eyes associated with arid weather conditions during the summertime.

4. Antibacterial Filter Features

The Blaux Portable cooler includes a built-on antibacterial filter with a quiet fan intake, a thermoelectric cooling plate, and back cooling vents. All of these items working in conjunction not only help keep the users cool, but also enhance personal breathing environment by removing the bacteria in the air. The ionizer is specifically designed to reduce the pollutant and allergens in the user’s immediate vicinity while also lowering the number of airborne pathogens and germs that enter their respiratory systems. It does exactly this by emitting and producing millions of negative ions that are capable of combating the dangerous particles in the air.

5. Tweaking the Blaux Cooler to optimal temperatures

The Blaux personal cooler can be used as a fan or an air conditioner. It comes with three operating speeds, allowing anyone to tailor it to their needs. Since the air is pushing through the water curtain and into the room, it absorbs moisture from the water curtain.

6. Positive aspects of Blaux Portable AC

  • Removes the need to maintain one single temperature in a room (Some prefer a cooler environment while others prefer heat and warmth)
  • Eliminates the need to purchase an expensive industrial AC for an entire floor or room
  • Instant personal cooling on warm days
  • Easy to handle, move, and operate
  • Cheap to run
  • Affordable to buy when it is n sale with a 50% discount
  • Cordless operation
  • Powered by USB-C
  • Near-silent operation

7. Downsides of Blaux Portable AC

  • Expensive when it is not on sale
  • They sell out fast
  • Their sales offers usually don’t last for too long

8. What are Customers’ Blaux Portable AC reviews saying?

Blaux Portable AC reviews from customers claim that the winning feature of this item is that it allows them to customize the temperature around them without affecting others.. Here are a few examples of what people are saying about the Blaux personal cooler.

“I never expected this AC to be as powerful as it is. This cooler has plenty of power, and it was a steal at the discounted price.” by George R, Tampa, Florida.

“My mother is scared of the cold so I can never turn the AC on. I love my Blaux because it allows me to be cool while the rest of the house is warm, which is perfect for my family. It keeps me cool all day and night and no one is bothering me about the colder temp.” by Liz F, San Antonio, Texas.

The company advises customers to purchase the item directly from their site (read more about them here on their official page) instead of from third party stores that may be selling fake Blaux products.

The Blaux Portable air conditioning unit is the most versatile device among the cooling systems available. It allows multiple temperatures in one room. It eliminates the need for coworkers, family members, and friends to compromise on one fixed temperature for everyone. Those who are interested in this item can find out if they currently are on sale at the Official Blaux Portable AC Website Here.

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