Bybit Exchange Adds Customized In-App Alerts For Traders

SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / June 18, 2020 / Cryptocurrency derivatives exchange Bybit has announced it is rolling out a customizable alerts feature for its users, which will allow traders to set alerts on various indicators via its mobile app. The feature is available on both iOS and Android.

With the Strategy Alerts feature, users never need to miss a trading signal, even when they’re away from the trading interface. Amidst the 24/7 volatility of the cryptocurrency markets, Strategy Alerts will provide an essential means for traders to keep up with what’s happening, on the go.

Traders will be able to pick and choose the alerts that best suit their needs. Once the target is reached, an alert will be delivered as an immediate notification via the Bybit app.

Four Types of Alerts

Alerts are commonly used in the traditional financial markets as a means of helping traders keep track of market movements that may impact their portfolio. In offering traders four different types of alerts to suit their strategy, Bybit is offering a wider range of alerts than any cryptocurrency derivatives exchange has done before.

The four alerts are: Price Alerts, Trends Shift, Local Pivots, and Market Heat.

Price Alerts will provide a notification to the user when a particular price point is crossed in either direction. For example, a user could define a $10,000 price alert for Bitcoin, and they’d receive a notification each time the price of BTC goes either above or below the $10k mark (depending on their settings). This can be useful to a trader who wants to monitor market conditions in the event of such a move, rather than implement a pure stop-loss or take-profit.

Trends Shift allows traders to navigate the direction of the market by providing an alert based on moving average and exponential moving average. For example, when a short-term moving average crosses above a long-term, it provides a bullish signal where a trader may want to buy. Conversely, a short-term moving average crossing below the long-term gives a bearish sell signal.

Local Pivots (big movements) capture turning points in the market by alerting the trader when the price touches a local high or low in a given number of candles. This allows traders to enter or exit positions based on emerging market trends.

Market Heat allows the trader to be alerted based on macro trends in the markets. For example, if open interest or predicted funding rates in a given asset crosses a particular value.

According to Bybit CEO Ben Zhou, the launch of the Strategy Alerts feature is all part of its commitment to its traders to offer the best possible trading environment:

“Launching Strategy Alerts is yet another way that Bybit is achieving its goal of creating a faster and fairer trading environment. Even the best traders can’t possibly stay plugged into the crypto markets 24/7, so alerts mean that they never have to worry about missing the opportunity to jump in and make a profit, or missing critical risk signals.”

About Bybit

Bybit is a global cryptocurrency derivatives exchange established in March 2018 and registered in the BVI. It is headquartered in Singapore and has offices in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Bybit has a global user base comprising everyone from individual retail clients to professional derivatives traders.

Bybit’s technology team includes experts from numerous leading companies such as Morgan Stanley, Tencent, Ping’ an Bank, and Nuoya Fortune. The exchange offers traders a matching engine capable of 100,000 transactions per second with no downtime. Bybit is committed to creating a fair, transparent, and efficient trading environment for all.

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