China’s Thousand-Year-Old Ancient Capital Xi ‘An Became A Tourist Hot Spot

XI ‘AN, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / June 17, 2020 / Xi ‘an is a thousand-year ancient capital, a former capital of science and technology which put equal emphasis on appearance and cultural nuances, and a city of culture and eight immortals. Overseas netizens are now growingly curious about this ancient and modern city.

Recently, Xi ‘an has ranked fourth after Beijing, Wuhan and Shanghai in the Overseas Communication Influence Index of China’s top 100 Cities 2020 (Q1) released by the People’s Daily Overseas Data Research Center. According to the report on the top 100 Chinese cities on overseas social media platforms, overseas netizens have engaged in discussion on Chinese cities more than ever before. There are about 260,000 reports on Xi ‘an from 146 countries and regions around the world, and the reports are mainly positive and neutral.

Xi ‘an, a famous historical and cultural city in the world, relies on its unique strength of attracting overseas tourists and history enthusiasts, and the influence of the “Cultural Xi ‘an” brand is also constantly increasing in the online world. As the Qujiang “monk” exploded the web in 2019, Xi ‘an became a tourist hot spot, with total visitor number exceeding 300 million. Helping Chinese tourism industry collect 314.6 billion yuan from tourism revenue, which increased by 21.7% and 23.1% consecutively during Q1 and Q2, Xi ‘an made its way to the Global 20 Top Tourist Destinations list and to the list of top 10 cities with the most vibrant nightlife in China.

This year, Xi ‘an will further strengthen its cultural construction, as it aims to become the “Millennium Ancient capital”. The city’s tourism department officials made frequent visits to Chang ‘an” cultural tourism brand, while highlighting the profound historical and cultural heritage and expressing the image of a hospitable city, to promote the city as a tourism hotspot.

At the same time, centering on the creation of a new cultural tourism brand “Ancient capital, they arranged guided tours to Chang ‘an”. In the coming days, three themed activities will be planned and launched, namely “Jion Chang ‘an”, “Joy Chang ‘an” and “enjoy Chang ‘an”. “Jion Chang ‘an is an event where thousands of lights of auspiciousness will be turned on across the city at the same time for highlighting the urban spirit of Xi ‘an. The second theme activity, “Joy Chang ‘an, will be centered around broadcasting good news at night to jazz up spirit of the tourists and to boost the consumption potential. The third theme activity, “Enjoy Chang ‘an, will be all about welcoming guests with Silk Road Song to deepen international exchanges and to improve the city’s new image.

Terra-cotta warriors, Tang dynasty night city, Tang emperor imperial concubine’s romantic love, Yongxingfang bowl wine, Hui street mutton bread in the soup are some of the prime attractions of Xi ‘an. It is the new millennium capital of China that invites visitors from all over the world to experience a new kind of tourism.


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