Contech® Engineered Solutions Releases New Void Saver™ Stormwater Detention Technology

WEST CHESTER, Ohio–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#CivilEngineer–Contech® Engineered Solutions recently released Void Saver, a new stormwater detention configuration that increases the long term performance of underground detention systems by protecting stone backfill from sediment contamination.

Stormwater detention system design often incorporates storage volume from the voids that comprise the backfill material. Over time, sediment from untreated stormwater can fill these voids and cause clogging, reduced storage volume, and downstream flooding. The Void Saver solves these issues by delaying the use of stone storage using specially designed overflow vents and one-way water return valves. Void Saver only uses the stone when absolutely necessary, providing the most efficient and reliable design.

“Stone void contamination is a major threat to the long term reliability of underground stormwater detention systems,” said Rob Chapman, Stormwater Detention Product Manager at Contech. “The Void Saver mitigates this risk while offering the same open access and easy maintenance of a standard CMP Detention systems.”

For more information on Void Saver, including a video of how the technology works, visit

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David Corr

Marketing Director

Contech Engineered Solutions

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