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Colorado Cannabis Brand Deploys Proprietary Sublingual Method for Predictable Experiences

BOULDER, CO / ACCESSWIRE / June 22, 2020 /  SUM, Superior Uptake Method, is a unique smokeless method to consume cannabis sold in Colorado dispensaries. A discreet, sublingual (under the tongue) dissolvable tablet delivers higher bioavailability relative to oils and edibles.

With the success of its low-THC brand, SUM Microdose, today it launches SUM Metadose, a sublingual tablet with 10mg of THC. SUM Metadose will initially come in two formulations, 10:10 (10mg THC + 10mg CBD) for a balanced ratio and 10:2 (10mg THC + 2mg CBD) for a more THC-forward experience.

“We heard a chorus of requests to add a higher THC line to our Microdose line,” notes Ben Kaanta, CEO. “When Covid hit, we knew we needed to expedite Metadose to give THC users a better smokeless choice.”

While SUM Microdose has put a dent in the oils and tinctures market, SUM Metadose targets edibles due to its much faster onset time, shorter duration, and overall more predictable experience.

“We received overwhelming positive response from our testing,” describes Vince Mathias, head of education and outreach. “The experience is unlike anything people have tried, with a smooth onset in the first 10 to 20 minutes and a functional, clear-headed, relaxing feeling that’s similar with each use.”

Everyone has heard the stories where people wait so long to feel the effects of edibles that they often double up on the dosage – only to regret it when it all kicks in. SUM Method’s products dissolve under your tongue to quickly enter the bloodstream. This direct route reduces the variables affecting experiences, like contents of the stomach, leading to more predictable outcomes. Unlike many edibles, SUM products contain no sugar, calories, gluten, or animal products.

About SUM, Superior Uptake Method

The SUM brands are owned by Kelsie Biotech, Inc. which provides the non-THC base formulations and proprietary process to co-manufacturers that add the THC and distribute the end product. Kelsie is actively exploring partners in other states to expand the eight-SKU brand portfolio.

About Kelsie Biotech

The people of Kelsie Biotech are passionate to make the delivery of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) more effective, safer, and less invasive. Whether licensing its patented technology to pharmaceutical companies or to operating partners in the CBD/cannabis space, Kelsie pioneers highly bioavailable delivery methods with a wide range of applications.

Kelsie’s backstory comes from science beyond cannabis. Its patented micro-powder was first developed thanks to a $20M Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation grant to revolutionize measles vaccine delivery. The recipient of that grant, Dr. Robert Sievers, developed a replacement for expensive, needle-based, perishable vaccines in developing countries. After his dry-inhaled powder technology successfully completed Phase I Clinical Trials for delivery of a stable measles vaccine, Dr. Sievers focused his patented superior drug delivery methods to other active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). A group of scientists and researchers gathered around Dr. Sievers to create Kelsie Biotech.

Kelsie Biotech’s patented and proprietary technologies are based on novel particle morphology science and include dry-inhaled powder and true sublingual delivery systems. Kelsie creates high bioavailability delivery methods for active pharmaceutical ingredients in the medical, nutraceutical, and CBD/cannabis fields.

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