Diversity Recruiting Startup Launches Remote-Ready Tool to Help Enterprises Embrace Remote Work

BIRMINGHAM, AL / ACCESSWIRE / June 24, 2020 / As Tech giants embrace remote revolution, diverse talent sourcing platform Joonko has unveiled a new tool to help businesses transition to remote work. Its Remote-Ready® planner enables enterprises to gain a competitive edge in the remote hiring market and connect with diverse talent anywhere in the US. This first of its kind service also provides companies the potential exposure to a vast array of an untapped pool of underrepresented talent.

Joonko’s latest feature, which slots into its automated diversity recruiting software, being used by companies such as PayPal, Adidas, and Intuit, enables businesses to easily determine the viability of switching certain departments to working remotely on a whole or partial basis.

This new service comes to the market as major tech companies including Facebook, Twitter, and Google have recently announced they have expanded their remote work programs, prompting demand for other companies to follow suit.

“With potential employees expecting companies to have a progressive stance on remote work, you don’t want to find you’ve missed the boat and are unable to attract talent when the lockdown lifts,” says Ilit Raz, Joonko’s co-founder and CEO. “Remote work is the new normal, and our newest release is a natural advancement as we continue to help companies source top talent, this time with access to diverse talent from all across the US”.

Joonko’s new tool can help C-level and HR executives assess and forecast their future workforce, aiding them in deciding which positions and departments they can and should shift to a remote workforce. It also provides information about potential exposure to diverse candidates and the HR-related cost reduction associated with remote positions.

The service complements Joonko’s matching-based algorithm that empowers organizations in their quest to recruit diverse talent, remote or on-site, based on their relevant skills. Joonko’s unique out-of-the-box engine matches open positions with relevant diverse candidates and provides access to previously unrecognized talent from all across the US.

About Joonko

Launched in 2016 and backed by Kapor Capital, Techstars, and Alabama Future Fund, Joonko helps businesses effortlessly attract more diverse, qualified, and vetted candidates to their open job positions. Joonko allows companies to harness the power of diverse talent as they build their remote or on-site workforce, with the largest pool of qualified underrepresented candidates in the United States. Thanks to Joonko, companies like PayPal, Adidas, Atlassian, and Intuit create a sustainable, long-term D&I hiring pipeline and accelerate their shift to a remote-ready workforce.

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SOURCE: Joonko

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