Dorrie Hubbard: Taking the Chicago Food Scene by Storm

CHICAGO, IL / ACCESSWIRE / June 22, 2020 / Dorrie Hubbard is a foodie at heart and he has always loved scoping out spots for the next best meal in Chicago. This is where 2020 is taking him as he broadens Chicago’s horizons and expands their palettes!

Dorrie Hubbard has been a passionate foodie since he was a kid. He feels most at home when he’s surrounded by people enjoying a delicious meal. The energy of the kitchen and the conversation that hovers over the diners is a magical part of the culinary experience. Dorrie Hubbard has been drawn to that magic since he was a teenager when he started out hosting at the Frontera Grill. He worked his way up and after 2 years, he was promoted to maître d’ of Topolobampo, another restaurant opened by the same owners.

Topolobampo is a 1 Michelin star establishment located in the heart of Chicago. Hubbard embraced this upscale environment and began to greet high profile diners who would travel to the city and come into the restaurant for a meal. He was the first face they saw and it was his job to make every person feel welcome. After he worked there for 4 years at Topolobampo, he became maître d’ at Acadia, a 2 Michelin star restaurant in the Chicago area, and he loved working there just as much!

Hubbard has worked with multiple restaurants and he has seen the inner workings of the chefs in the kitchen, the wait staff, and those who handle the ins and outs of every culinary experience. He’s seen how a restaurant can transform into a home, how a good meal can help form relationships, heal wounds, and commemorate a celebration. As food blogs became more prevalent, Hubbard thought about how he could help others experience everything that the Chicago food scene has to offer. He started out on Instagram @Chicagofoodandviews and since then, he’s made quite a name for himself. Dorrie Hubbard has over 70,000 followers, all of whom are looking for their next amazing meal in the Chicago area.

Hubbard’s specialty is finding the unknown food spots in Chicago. The well-known favorites are always worth trying, but his favorite way to blog is to find the awesome restaurants that aren’t as well known. His goal is to find the hidden gems of the Chicago food scene and get the coolest unknown places on the map. Dorrie Hubbard is going to be taking the Chicago food scene by storm in 2021 sending out all of his new favorite food spots and menu picks for as long as he can stave off a food coma! If you’re interested in getting all the best new food spots sent right to your Instagram feed, you can follow Dorrie Hubbard at @Chicagofoodandviews. We can’t wait to see where the next year of taste tests and foodie fun takes him!

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