Drivers Should Obtain Car Insurance Quotes Before Dropping Their Coverage

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 18, 2020 ( announces a new blog post that explains why is important for drivers to get online car insurance quotes before dropping their coverage.

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Depending on the state’s law, driving without insurance or without sufficient coverage exposes the drivers to numerous legal and financial penalties. Driving without insurance can cause bigger problems in the long term. In some cases, standard, affordable insurance carriers will refuse to insure drivers that were caught driving without insurance. Before dropping coverage, policyholders are recommended to carefully research the insurance market and see if they are not better deals from different, smaller carriers. Getting online quotes can prove really useful in these situations.

Drivers that drive without insurance are likely to get the following penalties if they get caught:

  • Suspended driver’s license. Drivers can expect to see their license suspended in 44 states if they are caught driving without carrying insurance.
  • Drivers can get their vehicle impounded and its registration revoked. If a driver that caused an accident is caught driving without insurance, it might be possible for a court to order the impoundment of the vehicle and its registration to be revoked. In most cases, drivers will need to carry an SR-22 form in order to drive their vehicle again.
  • Driving without insurance can bring hefty fines. Depending on each state, the fines for driving without insurance can be as low as $25 in Georgia, or as high as $5,000 in Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Dakota, and West Virginia. Drivers can get their ticket canceled in a specific timeframe if they can prove they were actually insured at the moment they received the fine, but they forgot to carry proof of insurance.
  • Drivers will have to pay to get back their driving privileges. Drivers will have to pay all the fees associated with the suspension and wait for the suspension period to finish in order to get their driving privileges back. To get their registration back, drivers have to prove they purchased a minimum of a six months auto insurance liability coverage and they paid for the registration reinstatement fees.
  • Increased insurance premiums. Most insurance companies will charge extra on a driver that will try to get an insurance coverage after he got caught driving without insurance. Drivers that have coverage lapses are seen as high-risk drivers by the insurance carriers.

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