Easi-Set Receives Another Patent for Prefabricated Cladding Panel

MIDLAND, VA / ACCESSWIRE / June 22, 2020 / Easi-Set Worldwide, a precast industry product licensing leader and subsidiary of publicly-traded Smith-Midland, Corp. (OTCQX:SMID), product announcement.

In June 2020, the U.S. Patent office issued a new utility patent to Easi-Set Worldwide for its prefabricated building façade panel advancement, related to energy code compliance improvement with corresponding cost and material reductions. The addition of this patent further bolsters Easi-Set’s extensive portfolio of intellectual property and provides it licensed producers another customer-oriented performance feature. The patent provides for manufacturing exterior cladding panels having pre-determined thermal and structural performances.

Easi-Set licensed SlenderWall cladding producers can now provide customers (developers, architects, façade consultants, contractors, engineers) envelope panels whose thermal performance is tied closely to the requirements of the North American climatic zones as defined in the current International Energy Conservation Code. The adjustable feature is a direct result of extensive third party panel thermal testing in accordance with ASTM C1363 Thermal Performance of building Materials and Envelope Assemblies by Means of a Hot Box Apparatus. The panel’s specific thermal and structural performance is achieved through a predetermined combination of thermal break dimension, depth of closed-cell foam insulation and architectural-concrete-to-stud-frame fastener design.

This unique composite cladding system is 66% lighter than traditional architectural precast and has improved thermal qualities. It is fully compliant with current building codes including fire and seismic requirements. The system is licensed for manufacture to qualified precast concrete companies across North America by Easi-Set Worldwide, a leading product line developer in the precast concrete industry.

“The issuance of this patent maintains Easi-Set’s licensed producers’ unique position in the market by offering new inherent product performance advantages,” stated Art Miles, Easi-Set President. “Our producer partners have very tangible advantages to offer their clients.”

To learn more about using SlenderWall for your next project, or to inquire about licensing opportunities, contact us at (540) 439-8911, info@easiset.com

SOURCE: Smith-Midland Corporation

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