EcoFlow R600 — The World’s Fastest Charging Portable Power Station

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Jackery–EcoFlow DELTA was a hit on Kickstarter and had raised over $2.8 million last year. EcoFlow has delivered DELTA to over 10,000 families in North America, Asia, and Europe. R600 series has raised over $1.5 million on Kickstarter. The new lineup offers custom features ever on a portable power station.

Super-fast Charging

Introduced with DELTA series, X-stream charging is the fastest charging ever in a portable power station for the R600 series. X-stream is built for efficiency, the R600 series can be powered from 0 up to 80% within an hour. “If you forget to charge your portable power station before your camping trip, don’t worry, R600 series can back you up within an hour,” said Eli Harris, CEO at EcoFlow technology.

Universal Solar Input

Along with the R600 series, the universal solar input also provides an unexpected companionship for travelers. With this feature, R600 is compatible with the majority solar panels with its voltage in the range of 10V-25V. R600 can be recharged in around 4 hours on sunny days.

Advanced Connection

The R600 series is designed to tailor customers’ needs. Every R600 series product comes with X-link; the function allows two R600 connected to double its power output and capacity. X-link makes the R600 series the perfect comparison to the DELTA series with connection feature that allows users to choose whether to carry two R600 or just one depending on their needs of the day.

Expandable Storage

The R600 series has more flexibility than the DELTA series when it comes to power storage. DELTA has 1260Wh power storage, while R600 Pro, with its 768Wh LiFe-Po battery pack and built-in EcoFlow BMS, it can easily expand to 2304Wh capacity by connecting the EF-1500 Battery with just a cable.

EcoFlow APP

The intelligent EcoFlow app is the core of the R600 series experience, customers can custom their needs remotely. A simple switch on it can reset all the functions, especially turning the power off when customers are away from home.

R600 series is a fusion of software and hardware all in an incredibly portable design. It takes full advantage of DELTA with a more affordable price.

Pricing starts at $299(US). For more information please visit:


Contact: Eli Harris

Phone: 800-368-8604


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