enaible Unveils Remote Work Management and Productivity Capabilities

New Remote Work Productivity Score and Dashboard Deliver Real-Time Onsite and Remote Data to Help Business Leaders Improve Employee Growth and Company Margins

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–enaible, a leading provider of AI-powered productivity solutions, today unveiled new remote management features to its AI Productivity Platform that provide enhanced visibility into workforce productivity regardless of their location. With a new remote productivity score and remote work productivity dashboard, enaible extends the power of its platform to help business leaders more confidently manage a remote workforce while maximizing employee and revenue growth.

As today’s workforce is increasingly remote, it creates challenges for business leaders who aren’t experienced in remote managing. enaible’s unique ability to provide clear, real-time visibility into how the time paid for is spent and to give companies actionable recommendations to optimize employee output—whether remote or onsite—prepares business leaders for long-term success.

“This is another significant step forward for our customers,” said Dr. Tommy Weir, founder and CEO of enaible. “We’re the only platform in the market that not only leverages all of an organization’s system data for complete visibility into workforce performance, but provides organizations with a comprehensive, standardized productivity score and personalized, prioritized recommendations to deliver the greatest productivity and profit margin impact. We are fundamentally changing the way organizations measure and maximize the time they pay for, while enabling employees to thrive—no matter where they are based.”

enaible Brings Greater Visibility and Impact for Remote Working

The new features to enaible’s AI Productivity Platform were built with the understanding that today’s remote work is unique. The company is committed to providing business leaders with data-based recommendations on what will help employees succeed now and in the future.

New features and benefits of enaible’s latest platform enhancement include:

  • Remote Work Productivity Score: uses an organization’s existing system data (i.e. ERP, CRM, Office 365) to quantify productivity at the company and team level through a combination of capacity utilization, consistency, and quality impact.
  • Remote Work Productivity Dashboard: allows leaders to compare onsite and remote work at any level—i.e. teams, departments, divisions, or the whole company—and gain a clear understanding of how the time paid for is spent.
  • Remote Management Recommendations: aggregates different employee work patterns and changes in teaming and collaborative work, and offers leaders personalized, prioritized recommendations on how to maximize time away from the office to ensure speedy execution, and employee development and growth.

The company also announced new email and meetings modules designed specifically to help leaders know how much time and money is allocated to employees on email and in meetings. The enaible email module offers real-time data into the time employees spend reading and sending emails, and the insights needed for leaders to understand how this time correlates to the company’s profit margins.

The enaible meeting module shows leaders the number of meetings scheduled, attended, rejected and recurring, and the total time spent in meetings. This data shows leaders how much time their employees are spending in meetings and whether it’s profitable for the company.

These latest features come on the heels of continued momentum for the enaible in supporting Fortune 500 companies with productivity growth. In April 2020, enaible was named a Cool Vendor in Gartner’s Cool Vendors in Human Capital Management: Modernizing the Workplace With AI and Video report.

For more information on the new features and enhancements to the enaible AI Productivity Platform, please visit here.

To schedule a demo with enaible, please contact demo@enaible.io.

About enaible

enaible is the AI-powered leadership company. The company’s AI Productivity Platform continuously helps companies make the best use of their time in order to accomplish as much as possible. It uses existing system data to provide leaders with a clear, real-time understanding of how their workforce is performing and produces actionable leadership recommendations to maximize employee productivity and growth across roles, departments and tasks. Founded in 2018, enaible is headquartered in Boston. To learn more, please visit https://enaible.io.


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