Finding The Strength To Overcome Obstacles: Chris Bruce Shares His Secrets To His Success In The Real Estate World

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 15, 2020 / Chris Bruce was born in the inner city of Detroit, Michigan. He got into real estate at a very young age, but unfortunately at a bad time to get into the business. He began his career right before the big housing bubble popped and there was a subsequent recession that followed. He struggled with his finances due to the timing of his venture into the business.

“My first journey into real estate all occurred in 2006 during the housing bubble. I leveraged my credit to finance the property. Unfortunately, like most I wasn’t prepared for the housing market to crash. My tenant got killed. I now had a vacant property I owned, and I couldn’t keep up with the payments anymore. I lost my rental property to foreclosure.” remembers Chris.

For Chris, he got into real estate as a way to find and create new opportunities for himself through financial freedom. As a kid from the inner city of Detroit, he grew up without many opportunities for professional growth. Despite this, he kept fighting to try and achieve his goals.

“Growing up in Detroit, MI there weren’t many opportunities for the kids in the inner city. Always had dreams of making it big one day and owning my own business. Unfortunately, my tenant got killed, I now had a vacant property I owned, and I couldn’t keep up with the payments anymore. I lost my rental property to foreclosure.” explains Chris.

For many, this would have been the end of their pursuit in real estate, but not for Chris! He gave it one more attempt and succeeded! He now owns his own business and has been incredibly successful. He has begun returning his success to others as well by teaching online courses to provide tools to people who want to flip houses themselves. For him, this is important because it allows others to have an opportunity to achieve success in the real estate industry that Chris was unable to have at first.

“I run a real estate investment company where we buy and sell properties as well as a digital marketing company where we sell courses to teach everyday people how to get started flipping houses virtually from the comfort of their home.” Says Chris.

For Chris, he had many motivations in life, but his biggest one has been his daughter and his family. He has always had a drive in life that has gotten him far in life. His drive focuses on giving his daughter a better life. It was all about giving her more opportunities than what he had growing up. This meant creating a financial freedom for her to be able to do what she needed to do to have a better life in the future.

“I always had a drive of wanting more out of life. My biggest motivation was my daughter. I wanted her to live a life better than I did growing up. Even though my life was pretty cool. I wanted her to have more options than my parents could give me.” remarks Chris.

In the future, Chris hopes to take his teaching to a new format: podcasts. This way he can reach more people nationwide. In addition, Chris is planning on having a bit of fun with his entrepreneurial spirit by creating a board game that will be released for all to enjoy.

“Right now I’m working on a new podcast I’ll be launching as well as a board game I’ll be bringing to the world.” says Chris.

If you want to learn more about Chris, you can follow him on Instagram @detroitmogul. You can also check out his real estate tips website at


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