French startup launches first high-tech transparent protective anti-covid mask

PARIS, FRANCE / ACCESSWIRE / June 17, 2020 / “I was looking for the perfect mask to protect my young daughter” 32-year-old engineer and entrepreneur Pierre Blondon said in February when word of the Coronavirus pandemic reached his native France. And while those he found on the market proved to be effective, they also created a stifling emotional reaction. “The masks prevented me from seeing my toddler’s smiles, and interfered with our emotional contact” he remembers.

In lockdown himself, Blondon went to work to develop and self-fund in just two months a product that would use the latest technology and highly-skilled French engineering to provide best-in-class protection against the pandemic, while restoring normal human contact to masked interactions.

Blondon combined the efforts of an international team of 14 designers (including France, Italy, Russia, Senegal, Mexico…) and 15 French engineers to produce a 100%-Made-in-France product.

The result is the Civility Mask, a high-protection mask, transparent, which is easy to use, lightweight, adjustable, comfortable, eco-responsible, and suitable for everyone: family members, care-givers, sportspeople, hospitality and tourism workers, etc. And in addition to keeping germs away, the mask with its transparent glass window allows the wearer to share his or her emotions, thus reducing the sense of isolation created by the pandemic’s “social distancing” and overall restrictions on human interactions.

High-performance filters certified NF 1827 EN 14683/ASTM F2100-19 and the Plastic Elastomer (TPE) seals keep the mask’s airflow balanced for airtight circulation and ensure the wearer breathes unpolluted, clean air. With its FFP2 certification (a European Union certification classification indicating protection against particulates such as dust particles) the Civility Mask is also suitable for those suffering from allergies or who work in potentially-contaminating environments.

The Civility Mask features easily-interchangeable filters, each of which has a 12-hour lifespan. It is adjustable to fit any head size and weighs half as much as a smartphone, thus making it comfortable and easy to wear all-day. The mask is eco-friendly: a wipe with a 70-percent alcohol solution (hand sanitizer) does the job; no need to put it in the dishwasher. And, the Civility Mask can last for years.

“There is evidence the virus is subsiding in some parts of the world but it is still with us” Blondon points out. Public health officials warn of a possible resurgence in the autumn, while researchers indicate it could take another 18 months before a vaccine is discovered. “Now it’s a matter of learning to live with the virus, and getting on with our lives as best we can” adds Blondon.

The Civility Mask can be ordered now and can also be shipped internationally. The mask is available in several colors starting at 35 euros, including a packet of 30 filters (for a month of use) and a dustbag. For each Civility Mask sold, the company will donate one mask to a soon-to-be-designated charity.

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