From Banking to Real Estate: A Story of How Harcourts Beverly Hills’ Owner Glen Coutinho Reached The Stars

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 22, 2020 / Thirty-five years of Glen Coutinho’s life is made up of his experience in the real estate industry. From working in a bank to becoming one of Australia’s top real estate agents, this man has worked his way up. Today, he has reached the stars as he opened Harcourts Beverly Hills in partnership with Alex Duk, Deanna D’Egidio, Krystle & Laurent Bijaoui and his daughter Brooke Coutinho, his third real estate company now in the home of Hollywood stars and celebrities.

His story starts with him initially working in the banking industry of Australia dealing with financial markets. At that time, the real estate world was still a stranger to the now multi-award winning real estate agent. Eventually, his path crossed with the real estate industry and since then he has never disappointed.

It seems that Glen Coutinho had a natural talent for real estate sales as he dominated his first year in the world of buying and selling homes. Admittedly, he has no affinity for houses. The key to his success is ultimately his love for people. He treats this as his most excellent asset because this “people lover” approach has guided him in dealing with his clients. Through this approach, he has achieved the best customer service possible. To him, clients are not just customers wanting to buy or sell real estate properties. They are much more than that. They are his clients for life.

Through his love for people, he has discovered different sales and customer service techniques, as well as skills in dealing with different types of people and mentoring them. His approach has been effective as this has landed him numerous awards, both in Australia and internationally, including the “Most Respected and Longest Serving Real Estate Agent” during the 2018 M&A World Global Awards. For the last ten years, Coutinho has been consistently one of the Top 10 Ranked Agents in Australia.

Having established himself in the Australian industry, he has also become widely recognized as one of the top auctioneers and staff trainers in Australia, New Zealand, and in the United States. However, Glen Coutinho prefers to stay where his heart truly belongs, and that is in real estate.

With that, his decision to move to the United States also meant bringing with him his passion. Nothing can stop him from doing what he loves the most even if it means entering a new real estate market. Although new to the neighborhood, this seasoned real estate agent is quick to catch up on what clients are looking for. Armed with his numerous awards, acknowledgments, and his many years of experience, clients can be confident that they are more than safe with Glen Coutinho as their agent. They can be confident that they will receive the best services possible.

Glen Coutinho continues to stand by the same principles and business approach which has helped him rise in the Australian real estate world and reach the place where he finds himself now.

To know more about Glen Coutinho and his real estate services, you may contact him at +1 424-278-5009 or email him at

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