Industrial Hemp Farms Adds New Hydroponically Grown Hemp Flower Strains

The production of a variety of hemp strains is occurring across the country as more and more firms enter the hemp industry. Industrial Hemp Farms (IHF) has added new hydroponically grown hemp flower strains to their product lineup

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO / ACCESSWIRE / June 22, 2020 / Industrial Hemp Farms has continued to develop additional strains of hemp flower strains. Significant product development types include inventory in three categories, labeled as Top Shelf, Middle Shelf and Bottom Shelf flowers. The flowers are grown indoors in greenhouses for better control of nutrients, water, and overall environment. The CBD hemp flower contains less than 0.3% Delta-9-THC. The company carries the hemp strains which range in cannabinoid content and price.

Top Shelf Buds from Industrial Hemp Farms are covered in trichomes and loaded with terpenes. Growing the highest quality hemp flower is very different than producing hemp biomass. Rather than quantity, the growers producing high-CBD flowers are far more interested in extracting strong terpene and cannabinoid counts. The latest indoor cultivation technology is used to produce a reliable and robust batch of top quality flowers suitable for connoisseurs of hemp. Buyers will find that the premium flowers are affordable as well as reliably healthy.

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IHF Online LLC is a well-respected, Colorado-based, licensed, and certified site for farming and wholesaling hemp. IHF wholesale sells quality flowers in various cultivars of seeds and clones, as well as CBD hemp biomass. The firm also produces a variety of hemp-related items at their extraction facility. One of the company’s primary goals is to complete mutually beneficial deals, connections, and contacts throughout the industry. Every effort is made to ensure a price range that will be accessible for every budget level.

The firm is a business-to-business hemp farming and wholesale firm. The organization includes divisions that are in charge of the purchase and sale of hemp biomass. The recently completed state-of-the-art processing facility allows the Colorado firm to provide CBD extraction services as a contractor.

As the hemp markets continue to evolve and mature, Industrial Hemp Farms skills will prove to be the winning ingredient as the firm continues to expand its reach and operational foundation.

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