Invictus Medical Acquires License to Infant Cry and Vocalization Analysis Technology

SAN ANTONIO, June 23, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Invictus Medical, the San Antonio, Texas-based medical device company dedicated to providing newborns with healthy developmental milestones, has acquired the worldwide license to an exciting new technology that analyzes the audible sounds generated by neonates, providing guidance to clinical staff. The technology holds the promise of providing clinicians with clues about the health status of premature infants, whether isolated in incubators or in a crowded open unit, helping to prioritize nursing activities.

“In a busy NICU, anything we can do to help with the early identification of status changes in the condition of a sick child is beneficial, both for the infant and for the stretched nursing staff,” said George Hutchinson, Invictus Medical’s Chief Executive Officer. “This should make a great extension to Invictus’ Neoasis™ incubator-based noise attenuation system.”

The cry and vocalization analysis technology was originally developed in the Digital Signal Processing Laboratory of Northern Illinois University, a nationally recognized center for acoustic applications founded by Professor Emeritus Sen Kuo and currently led by Professor Lichuan Liu. Invictus Medical and Northern Illinois University have collaborated since 2015 in the space of acoustic signal analysis.

About Invictus Medical
Invictus Medical is a San Antonio, Texas-based medical device company that aims to ensure that children are able to attain their developmental milestones. As evidenced by their award-winning innovations, Invictus Medical has been at the forefront of pediatric care since its founding in 2012. Invictus Medical is a privately held company. For more information about Invictus Medical, please see


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