Jay Leffler Explains How Movie Theater Slip-and-Fall Accident Cases Work

Jay Leffler from Zarwin Baum DeVito Kaplan Schaer Toddy P.C. Law Firm offers expert legal advice for people hurt by a slip and fall accident at a movie theater

PHILADELPHIA, PA / ACCESSWIRE / June 23, 2020 / Jay Leffler from Zarwin Baum has many years of experience dealing with slip and fall accidents. He successfully obtained compensation for a woman who was injured in a movie theater after discovering the theater had defective lighting and railings. Leffler also settled a personal injury claim for a woman tripped by a cane, and later successfully tried a jury case where an EMT was injured after slipping on water at a hospital cafeteria. For these types of scenarios, Jay Leffler‘s services are in high demand as many businesses either refuse to take any responsibility when such instances occur or try to pay far less compensation than they should.

Pennsylvania’s Statute of Limitations

Pennsylvania, like other states in the U.S., has a Statute of Limitations that puts a time limit on when a slip and fall lawsuit can be filed. Pennsylvania Cons. Stat. Title 42 section 5524 states plaintiffs have two years to bring “an action to recover damages for injuries to the person or for the death of an individual caused by the wrongful act or neglect or unlawful violence or negligence of another”. However, Jay Leffler, like many personal liability lawyers in the state, recommends that those who have been hurt in a slip and fall accident at a movie theater seek legal help as soon as possible after the incident.

Pennsylvania’s Comparative Negligence Laws

Comparative negligence laws limit how much compensation even a good attorney such as Jay Leffler can obtain on one’s behalf. Put simply, the law states that compensation is reduced based on how much responsibility a plaintiff bears for the accident. If a plaintiff is found to be at least 50% at fault for the accident, he or she cannot claim compensation. Naturally, movie theaters and other corporate defendants do everything in their power to prove that the plaintiff is largely at fault for the accident in order to cover up their own faults. Jay Leffler and his team at Zarwin Baum have to fight hard to ensure that corporations and their legal teams aren’t able to get away with ignoring public hazards on their properties.

Unfortunately, slip and fall accidents at movie theaters are a fairly common occurrence. Injuries sustained include sprains, broken or fractured bones, head and neck trauma, and/or torn ligaments. These injures can cost a person their long-term health and livelihood as hospital and therapy bills pile up without relief. Jay Leffler from Zarwin Baum knows this and does everything in his power to fight for the compensation that an injured person is due. It is imperative one seeks legal assistance immediately after a slip and fall accident, as it enables Jay Leffler and his Zarwin Baum legal team to begin collecting evidence that can be used to prove one’s case and obtain funding for medical bills and other expenses.


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