MetaCX Launches B2B Customer Lifecycle Platform to Transform Supplier/Buyer Relationships for a Performance Economy

At a Time When Buyers Demand Proof of Value, MetaCX Delivers Transparent, Outcomes-Based Collaboration at Every Stage of the Revenue Cycle

INDIANAPOLIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MetaCX, the pioneer in a new outcomes-based approach for managing the customer lifecycle, today announced the launch of the MetaCX platform, the first collaborative B2B customer lifecycle solution that ensures transparent, value-based alignment between suppliers and buyers. After two years of research and development, and more than half a billion customer events processed with 18 early customers, MetaCX debuts at a time when the traditional subscription economy must give way to a new performance economy, where suppliers and buyers transparently collaborate to achieve desired outcomes.

“The subscription economy was an important first step toward aligning suppliers and buyers, but true alignment only comes with clear, unmistakable proof of value, which has been elusive until now,” said Scott McCorkle, founder and CEO of MetaCX. “MetaCX is proud to be an innovator in the next phase of this evolution — from relationships based on subscriptions to relationships based on performance that both suppliers and buyers can see.”

MetaCX transforms how suppliers and buyers collaborate and win together. By creating shared spaces that allow suppliers and buyers to define and measure target outcomes, MetaCX helps align sales, success and delivery teams around measurable value. The result is better trust and transparency, which translates into higher win rates, larger deals, and longer, more profitable customer relationships.

A Collaborative, Connected, Resilient Revenue Cycle

MetaCX is the first and only collaborative platform to manage every stage of the revenue cycle:

  • Deal management: Sales representatives can use MetaCX to create co-branded shared spaces to collaborate with their prospects, create mutual success plans based on target outcomes, and build structure around sales cycles to improve close rates by 25% or more.
  • Coordinated handoffs: Sales representatives can then use MetaCX to transition the post-sale relationship to onboarding, implementation and success teams to align around the promised customer outcomes, secure quick wins, and accelerate time to value for new customers.
  • Proof of performance: After successfully onboarding new customers, success teams can use MetaCX to improve quarterly business review (QBR) and renewal discussions with live product and performance data that demonstrates how the use of the product or service is delivering value and demonstrating progress toward outcome achievement.
  • Revenue cycle optimization: Revenue operations (RevOps) teams can use MetaCX to operationalize value-selling methodologies, improve forecasting and predictability with engagement metrics that signal buyer intent and readiness, and increase sales effectiveness by creating a shared catalog of proven customer outcomes.

“Ensuring that our customers are achieving outcomes is how we execute on retention being the new acquisition,” said Kevin Vanes, VP client strategy at Terminus. “MetaCX is helping operationalize our ‘Path to Value’ strategy to achieve our vision for making the customer experience truly collaborative across the entire lifecycle.”

Why It Matters

As companies experience substantial business impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic and growing economic uncertainty, they are reevaluating all non-mandatory spending; in order to make the cut, software subscriptions and new purchases must show measurable value. In a move that accelerates the trend toward digital transformation and value transparency, enterprises are urgently calling on SaaS and digital suppliers to prove that they can deliver what is promised to earn their trust.

This new normal is rapidly challenging the subscription economy. Historically,

  • There has been limited accountability and coordination between the initial sale and the renewal with most of the essential knowledge captured during the sales process lost in the handoff to implementation and onboarding.
  • There has been no practical way to measure performance or assess the value of these purchases because of limited visibility throughout the customer lifecycle and an absence of the structures or frameworks that define outcomes, milestones and success.
  • This has led to a gross misalignment between buyer expectations and supplier responsibilities, which compromises retention at a time when vendors are more dependent than ever on renewals.

“Systematically improving customer experiences to build durable, mutually beneficial customer relationships requires a fundamentally different approach,” said Nicole France, VP and principal analyst, Constellation Research. “Most CRM systems, and the companies that use them, shape their processes around leads, accounts and opportunities. While this may incorporate the needs of sellers, it doesn’t reflect the priorities or expectations of customers — especially once a deal is signed. A system organized around the ongoing relationship, rather than deals, and supported by an event-driven architecture triggered by customer actions has the potential to revolutionize customer relationship management.”

Defining the Future of Enterprise Software Architecture

MetaCX is built on a revolutionary event-based architecture that’s designed for speed, scale and performance. The platform is based on a complex event processing engine called CXReactor and a data integration layer that allows organizations to instrument data from virtually any endpoint, including product analytics tools like Pendo and Mixpanel, CRM platforms like Salesforce and HubSpot, and data pipelines including Segment and Snowflake.

MetaCX organizes all of this data around the specific business outcomes that customers seek to achieve, providing the first real-time view into actual SaaS business impact. This helps create the transparency and trust necessary for lasting supplier/buyer relationships.

In late 2018, MetaCX announced $14 million in early funding led by Upfront Ventures with participation from Indianapolis-based High Alpha. More recently, MetaCX announced its appointment of former Pendo CMO and Gartner chief of research Jake Sorofman to the role of president. MetaCX is actively in use by more than a dozen early customers, including notable SaaS companies and a Fortune 500 industrial IoT leader.

Free Public Webinars

MetaCX will mark its official launch with two free public webinars in the month of June:

June 17 at 2 p.m. ET/11 a.m. PT: “Transparency and Trust in Sales: The Gateway to Revenue Acceleration” – a virtual panel discussion in partnership with Modern Sales Pros, featuring Todd Caponi, author of “The Transparency Sale”; Jake Sorofman, president of MetaCX; and Taylor Johnston, director of customer success at SalesLoft. Register here.

June 25 at 2 p.m. ET/11 a.m. PT: “An Introduction to Outcomes-Based Selling and Success,” a webinar in partnership with Revenue Collective, featuring Paul Henderson, author of “The Outcome Generation: How a New Generation of Technology Vendors Thrives Through True Customer Success”; and Dave Duke, co-founder and CCO at MetaCX. Register here.

For more information on MetaCX or to receive company and product updates, visit, connect at LinkedIn or follow @metacx.

About MetaCX

MetaCX is the innovator of a new outcomes-based approach for managing the entire customer lifecycle by transforming how suppliers and buyers collaborate and win together. By creating shared spaces that allow suppliers and buyers to define and measure outcomes, the MetaCX Platform helps align sales, success and delivery teams around real business impact that customers can see. Headquartered in Indianapolis, MetaCX has raised $14 million from Upfront Ventures and High Alpha and is led by former executives from Salesforce, ExactTarget and Pendo. For more information, visit, connect at LinkedIn and follow the company on Twitter @metacx.

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