Prance Gold Opens up Its Asia Pacific Regional Office in Shenzhen

TOKYO, JAPAN / ACCESSWIRE / June 16, 2020 / Prance Gold Holdings is a cutting edge end-to-end company that offers digital asset holders an opportunity to grow their assets. The multi-sector company opened its Asia Pacific regional office in Shenzhen, a world-renowned technology hub in China, showing the company’s continuous growth in serving global clients.

Prance Gold virtually launched its newest office through Zoom on May 23 to over 3,000 audiences. During the tour, the company introduced its hard-working employees, who ensures the overall success of the platform. It also highlighted the continued commitment to serving its clients by providing the support they need in growing their digital assets. Overall, the grand launch of their Shenzhen office was a huge success.

The company is quick at adapting to the ever-changing landscape of the digital world. In fact, Prance Gold was able to successfully digitalize the entire business processes, business model, domain, and organization culture. It is heading towards more innovative developments to continue supporting the platform experience and its trading technology.

“Our Prance Gap-Optimizing-Local-Digitalization (GOLD) Algorithm (PGA) is one of the highly coveted bots in the crypto trading world. It is a high-speed trading bot developed for triple directional arbitrage trades on multiple exchanges. The PGA is in the perfect position to adapt and leverage on the digital market that is continuously changing,” Andre Gerald, Chief Executive Officer of Prance Gold Holdings, said.

With the constant economic change that is happening globally, investment platforms such as Prance Gold must find innovative ways to cope with volatile markets. The company has been using an advanced AI bot that extracts, collects, and analyzes live trading information from different exchanges around the globe to produce profitable arbitrage pairs in any kind of economic climate.

Apart from being operational 24/7, PGA offers ultra-short-term trading that allows anyone to park their digital asset for as little as seven hours. The bot will do the trading for you.

The launch of the Shenzhen office marks yet another milestone for Prance Gold Holdings in steering towards a progressive future.

About Prance Gold Holdings

Prance Gold Holdings is headquartered in Seychelles. The company’s main business model is to absorb various loans and quickly pay off the interest according to the amount and terms of the loan. At the same time, it also provides loans to major companies that have stable and reliable projects who need short-term funding.

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