Redefining Leadership In A Digital World

CHICAGO, IL / ACCESSWIRE / June 16, 2020 / Digital technologies have long been poised to usher in widespread change across organizations. But with the onset of the pandemic, whatever specter of digital disruption was looming beneath the surface of the business environment has fully emerged. The pandemic has catalyzed an unprecedented–and unstoppable–digital takeover. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that one-third of all employees can work remotely. Now, across organizations, employees are confronting new technologies, new protocols, new initiatives–not to mention new, virtual workplaces. With digital natives and technophobes alike forced to adapt, leaders need to rethink their management styles. Leadership, in step with our rapidly-evolving times, needs to transform.

Today’s leader needs digital fluency. Fluency, which denotes gracefulness and ease, is crucial in leading a largely remote workforce. Video meetings, webinars, live streams: these “cool mediums” require individuals to recalibrate their self-presentation. The flurry of articles on how to best light yourself on a Zoom conference says it all: Adjustments need to be made when our work lives play out on screen. Of course, this extends beyond the visual. Leaders need to present qualities that motivate people in their organizations to drive change and inspire extraordinary results.

Clear communication of your leadership vision and direction to your teams is key to inspiring those extraordinary results. It’s the execution of sound strategy that allows organizations to transform. “Transformation,” as Thomas H. Davenport and Thomas C. Redman recently noted in Harvard Business Review, “requires an end-to-end mindset … the ability to manage across silos going forward.” Without a well-articulated sense of purpose, inviting other perspectives from those silos will fall short.

Most importantly, today’s leader must be adaptable and fluid, in other words, change-oriented. And change requires flexibility. Nimbleness. A sense of experimentation. Open to new technologies and digital realities, today’s leaders manage with agility. They’re aware of developing technological trends and understand their potential for value: they don’t discount automation wholesale. As a result, these leaders will take ownership of the digital transformation, empowering their organizations to boldly pursue their shared long- and short-term goals.

How must leadership transform in the new digital reality we enter? As Robert Frost said, “Freedom lies in being bold.” Leaders must not be mired in nostalgia or bureaucracy. Digitally fluent, purposefully communicating, and change-driven, leaders today must become adaptable and collaborative, evolving to thrive in the next tomorrow.

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