Reza Abbaszadeh’s Online Business Platform “Abbaszadeh University” is Thriving to be The Best in the World

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 22, 2020 / The esteemed university is ahead with Reza’s ideas in real business and money making strategies.

Sometimes to even think of a youngster owning an empire of his own is difficult to believe and seems far from reality. However, we know of a young gun who owns several businesses at only 20 and is carving a success story for himself each passing day. He is none other than Reza Abbaszadeh. Reza deals into varied industries and teaches all you need for being a pro in the business world. The young Iranian businessman owns his own empire called “Abbaszadeh Conglomerate”. This vast empire of his is a combination of three different businesses which are flying high on success in their respective industries, all because of the determined efforts of this young gentleman. The three businesses are Abbaszadeh University, Abbaszadeh Capital, and BaxBeauty.

Abbaszadeh University is one of the finest creations of Reza which aims to serve as the best Online Business Training Platform with over 221 thousand students already. And, Reza, who is already a German-Iranian Entrepreneur, self-made millionaire and life and business strategist, serves as the owner of this esteemed university. This university of Reza aims to train all those people who wish to take their businesses and companies at much greater levels in their respective fields. It teaches people to learn the ways to monetize the opportunities that lay in front of them and live their dreams. Users can take full advantage of the expertise of Reza and also all the materials that are money making strategies for growing their business with 24/7 access.

People who can be a part of this university can be anybody from an artist, doctor, roofer, automotive salespeople, phone salespeople, and beginners, anyone who wishes to learn the outstanding ways one can build and grow their business. Users get access to all the contents that are proven to be actionable and tactical ways of monetizing as accumulated by the expertise of Reza Abbaszadeh Conglomerate.

Rich information by Reza guarantees one to understand a lot many things that can help them to climb their ladder to success. It teaches people how to make great money without any resources and make the most of it, to promote sales in a tough economy, to run and control their business, to increase their income, closing rate, stay motivated and inspired, and many other important topics, the list is quite long.

Reza’s other successful venture Abbaszadeh Capital is a leading Investment Banking Platform which is also known as “DigitalTreasuryInc”. This firm, based in Vancouver provides mezzanine capital worldwide. The business is about offering borrowers loans by taking hold of the amount in reserve, which is an equal to a fraction of Reza’s capital deposit liabilities. It takes care of a company’s acquisitions that encompass targeting, approaching & negotiating.

The investment vehicle has made its mark with over $6 million transactions in real estate, covering nearly 407 units of multi-family properties all over Europe. It also is ahead with its multi-million dollars investment in several other lucrative fields. It already has more than 100 million assets under control in Europe, London and Dubai.

Reza is the head honcho of more than nine companies and now aims to grow as a businessman even in Dubai as the real estate king.

BaxBeauty is yet another firm of Reza, which is all about beauty and technology. It is a social networking service which has now grown to be a moneymaking business.

The awardee of the “Youngest Iranian Businessman in 2019” is the youngest millionaire and the second businessman from Iran for making fearless multimillion dollar investments in Dubai into the real estate industry. Reza proves to be a phenomenal example to all the youngsters in the world and inspires them in many ways possible.

Reza Abbaszadeh ( born 1998; 21 years ) net worth in June 2020 is estimated Over $10 million.

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