Startup Bets Crypto can Drive Real Estate Rentals Down

Cheltenham, UK , Jun 18, 2020 – (ACN Newswire) – EWO place, a UK startup introducing the concept of property subscriptions, officially opens to the general public after years in the making.

With “Earn Without Owning” as its motto, the never-before-seen approach is a type of virtual Real Estate club. It rewards subscribers with tokens while helping local communities in the real world.

“It’s no secret that home ownership has become increasingly difficult,” said Richard Mathieson, Co-Founder of EWO place. “While this happens, tenants suffer ever growing rents under punishing terms. Making the whole process unfair. We come to fix it.”

Using its own properties, the company balances rewarding users on one side with cutting rents for communities on the other. This brand new model, or as they call it “real estate activism” may well change the industry.

For most people, EWO place works like a cryptocurrency account that earns interest. In the block-chain industry this is known as “staking”. The EWO difference is that it uses its own property’s in-come to distribute token rewards.

“People subscribe by parking EWO tokens; with a maintained balance, they get weekly rewards,” said Mathieson. “Since our properties are backed by this model, we can list them for rent below market levels. That helps communities to afford better places under fairer terms. Real Estate re-bellion with no guns, just brains.”

The EWO place app is free to download and requires no registration or personal data from users. The app wallet’s public address doubles as the user’s membership.

“As we like to put it, EWO lets you earn from properties you don’t own, while helping people you don’t know,” said Mathieson. “We’ve been working in secrecy since 2015, so it feels great to be sharing it today.”

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