The Top 10 Female Sales Coaches Thriving in 2020

VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA / ACCESSWIRE / June 16, 2020 / Sales is often a “Taboo” subject in the world of business. However, this group of amazing ladies are breaking the stigma around sales, and helping their clients thrive throughout the crazy year that’s been 2020. Each with their own unique coaching style & processes, here we present the Top 10 Female Sales Coaches who are leading the way in their industry in 2020.

  1. Jessica Marx


With over a decade of sales & management experience, Jessica Marx is passionate about working with high level professionals and helping them elevate their position in the marketplace. With roles in companies including multi-billion dollar startups and having managed annual budgets of well over $100 million, it’s safe to say her experience level is world class. Perhaps what stands out most about jess is her no BS approach to things. She will challenge the way you think and pull out a level of confidence you didn’t know you had. Jessica is results driven and strategic through her programs and coaching, which has enabled her to take goals and drive them towards revenue growth. As well as building four thriving businesses, Jessica is also Mom to two year old twins and wife of a city firefighter and is passionate about donating her time and resources to those less fortunate. Jessica’s programs are world class in guiding female founders and entrepreneurs to simplify their business process while continuing to grow their revenues month after month.

  1. Rana Kordahi


Having trained over 10 thousand sales & non sales people from around the world in the last 10 years, Rana Kordahi is one of the most experienced sales and mindset coaches in the industry today. Driven by the impact she is able to create in people’s lives, Rana has done multiple keynote speeches, including a recent TEDx talk at CQUniversity, Australia. Using the art of influence in her sales courses, combined with NLP, mindset and psychology fundamentals, she is able to help salespeople create an emotional connection, as she believes that without that, change won’t happen. Most who walk out of Rana’s workshops do so with a newfound love for selling. This comes as no surprise, as she puts a great deal of effort to ensure people fall in love with the process of selling, whether it be to close a large deal, or simply keep a business afloat. “I also don’t believe in knowledge collection, but implementation and results. So the whole mission, and vision of the program is based on that” Kordahi said.. Also a specialist in teaching non-salespeople how to sell, she’s been able to inspire many to create a lasting change in their business and ultimately, help them thrive. Rana is striving to help the word “sales” become hip, rather than taboo, and she is well on her way to doing so.

  1. Natasha Tsitiridi


Natasha Tsitiridi is a multiple award winning sales guru, being recognised as Sales Coach and Sales Woman of the year in the UK. Residing in London, Natasha left her 9-5 job to pursue her passion: empowering women through teaching them how to sell. Her brand Bulletproof Woman, is about transforming women from all walks of life into relentless alpha females. “A Bulletproof Woman is a woman who is powerful, resilient, confident & genuinely loves who she is… She is simply Bulletproof” Tsitiridi said. Having already empowered hundreds of sales consultants to generate multiple millions in revenue, Natasha’s mission is to help a million women from around the world become financially free & create an abundant and fulfilling life. With a combination of strategy, mindset & resilience in her sales coaching, the success she’s had in building wildly profitable businesses for her clients has been astounding. The work she does is a reflection of her “obsession” with the sales process and her no-nonsense, hands on approach allows her clients to learn and adapt at an ultra – accelerated pace. Her ultimate goal is to develop a charity for young women that will open up their eyes to the limitless opportunities available to them. Natasha believes it is every woman’s birthright to take control of her finances, live unrestricted and create a free life filled with options.

  1. Bay Bradfield


With a deep understanding of human psychology and how it pertains to sales,Bay Bradfield works with business owners and sales teams across the globe to help them get more paying customers. Bay’s extensive knowledge on consumer decision making and influence is what separates her from the crowd, enabling her to take the pushiness out of selling, ensuring that there is never an ounce of fear when it comes to closing the sale. At the forefront of her teachings, Bay assists her clients in showing them exactly what to say and do when approaching a sale, which has proven to be a great success. Rather than use pushy sales tactics, Bay’s Understanding of influence and persuasion helps her to see inside the mind of a prospect during a sale. Using her systems to influence on a deeper level rather than just trying to convince people to buy, Bay is able to create great relationships with her prospects, her exceptional close rate a testament to this. Knowing how sales tactics ebb and flow in the market,Bay’s emphasis on the fundamentals of selling are applicable to anyone trying to improve their selling.

  1. Lotte Lobé


With a proactive approach to life from a young age, Lotte Lobé began her sales journey at 17 years old- selling lottery tickets through cold calling. She progressed her way through university and the corporate world in London, where she used to sell Fixed Income related data and services to financial institutions like Deutsche Bank and HSBC. Eventually Lotte took the plunge and started her company Topsales Amsterdam. With her experience and expertise in B2B sales, her main focus is now on working with companies to improve their sales results, processes and people. Lotte’s training and processes dives a lot deeper into selling than “features and benefits” in a sales script. “In order to be successful in sales your interest should be in helping your client succeed. This goes much further than facilitating your products and services” Lotte said. With a true passion and dedication for helping all of her clients succeed, it is no wonder that they keep coming back.

  1. Kylie Nel


Growing up in a small town,Kylie Nel was no stranger to going against the grain from a young age. With a background in competitive bodybuilding & fitness, Kylie applied the discipline and knowledge she adopted to successfully build and scale multiple online coaching businesses. Now an Intuitive Sales & Business Coach, Kylie’s focus is helping online coaches from all across the globe reclaim their authentic self and empower women through the fundamentals of mindset work, business strategy and spiritual development. Her sales coaching is world class, and her businessMiss K Business Coaching is based on empowerment, integrity, and honesty. Her program is designed to help those pursuing dreams and goals that may appear larger than life. With an emphasis on her clients success, Kylie always goes the extra mile to deliver real results. In words from her clients, she is known to walk her talk, and her honesty helps her to deeply connect and form amazing relationships. With multiple coaching tiers and mentorship programs, Kylie has been able to help people from multiple industries and many walks of life.

  1. Jenny McNutt


Jenny McNutt is well versed in the fundamentals of mindset and how it pertains to sales. Her primary focus is on helping up and coming female entrepreneurs build a profitable business through teaching them how to sell. With years of experience under her belt, Jenny knows how to instill confidence in her clients when approaching a sale and ultimately improve their close rates out of sight. Her company The Abundant Babe is exemplary of her knowledge of mindset, also diving deep into the fundamentals of NLP & hypnosis in her training to ensure her clients are in a peak state before attempting to close a sale. As well as one on one coaching, Jenny also offers group masterminds & online courses which are suitable for entrepreneurs at any level. Not only is she an expert at sales, she also specializes in using Instagram to drive traffic, make sales & find clients. Her mindset and sales/business strategies are something that any entrepreneurs or business could truly benefit from in making their business wildly profitable.

  1. Christina Balles


With a background in high ticket sales and closing 7 figure deals online,Christina Balles’ experience and expertise have enabled her to quickly grow and scale her coaching brand. Having spent 5 years travelling the world whilst scaling multiple businesses, Christina now works with industry leaders, helping them to increase their close rate by 40% with her sales methods. The moment that produced the most momentum for her career was when she joined Forbes Top 10 Entrepreneur Lauren Tickner at Impact School. Christina has since created a unique sales framework called TheNegotiation IQ Experience, which allows businesses to get through a sales call with few objections without being pushy, all whilst maintaining their integrity and respect. Her primary focus is working with entrepreneurs to help them scale to over 6 figures a year. The success her clients have had using her methodology speak for themselves — they have seen up to a 50% increase in revenue, all while changing lives and traveling the world.

  1. Caroline Thompson


After a 7-year stint in the marketing industry,Caroline Thompson is now a holistic marketing coach, specialising in organic sales. Combining practical and data-driven strategies coupled with sales psychology, Caroline has been able to help her clients create “click-ass” content & 3X their online sales – all organically. With her companySocial Granola, Caroline dives deep into brand identity, the creative process & promotional strategy with her clients. Her mission is to break the stigma around marketing and transform not only your business but your personal life too. “When your messaging sells FOR you, you can spend less time chasing down leads and more time beating the odds in a “saturated market.” Caroline said. Now working primarily with wellness entrepreneurs, Caroline can help you customise your business to fuel your energy & avoid burnout while scaling your business to produce increased consistent income. Whether you’re crafting a sales pitch or launching a new online course, with Caroline’s help you’ll always know exactly how to serve, inspire, & motivate your ideal clients to take action.

  1. Nicki G


Nicki G is a sales & marketing expert, who’s been helping clients scale their online businesses to 6 & 7 figures. Nicki provides a tonne of value to her audience on social media and has a growing community on Facebook where she shares her expertise and insights into setting up processes for business and bottom line revenue growth. Her knowledge goes far beyond that of sales, as she also provides tips on content creation, branding, sales funnels, and time management. “If you don’t have systems in place for the basic yet essential tasks in your business, you could be leaving money on the table,” Nick said. A lack of business systems will manifest itself into problems in your business, which is where Nicki’s work in sales and systems can help your business thrive & grow.

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