Tianyun International Releases 2019 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report: Recognised efforts for sustainable development

HONG KONG, Jun 8, 2020 – (ACN Newswire) – Tianyun International Holdings Limited (“Tianyun International”, together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) (Stock code: 6836.HK), a leading seller and manufacturer of processed fruits products in China released its 2019 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report, concludes the Group’s strategies and efforts implemented, performance and future plans in terms of environmental, social and governance to enhance energy efficiency and the level of corporate sustainability over the past year. The scope of the report covers the period between 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2019.

As one of the food enterprises with the most comprehensive quality certifications both domestically and overseas, the Group has always been committed to providing consumers at large with natural, healthy, safe, delicious and convenient products, allowing consumers to enjoy nutritional fruit products, and promoting a healthy dining culture to the public, deepening their knowledge of healthy dining, and fulfilling our corporate social responsibility.

Highlights of the report:
– In terms of energy conservation and emissions reduction, since the Group continued to follow the principle of cautious use of resources, and direct energy usage is also reduced significantly, the total GHG emissions decreased by 3.2% to 11,138.8 tCO2e as compared to the previous year.
– The Group abided by the basic principles of water conservation, recycling and purification before discharge, in order to save the usage of water. The Group’s use of water decreased by 14.6% as compared to the previous year.
– The Group installed independent meters for each production workshop to ensure that electricity usage for all workshops are calculated separately, increasing statistical accuracy and in turn gaining a better understanding of actual electrical consumption for formulating more practicable energy saving measures.
– Since the Group manufactures green and healthy fruit products with zero preservatives, high quality standards can only be guaranteed through using quality raw materials. The Group has established a “6H controlling system”, which strictly controls the process from plucking to sealing of the raw materials to within 6 hours. The Group minimises the logistical transportation period and ensures the freshness of raw materials.
– The Group has been researching and developing a new packaging design similar to the type of Tetra Pak packaging that is more environmental friendly and suitable for the PRC market. This type of packaging is lighter, can save storage space and reduce the effective transportation costs and carbon emissions.
– With upgraded production technologies, processing, transportation and sales of the newly launched “fruit ice-cream” products can be conducted at room temperature, thus reducing the use of frozen logistics and frozen facilities, which in turn minimise carbon emissions and potential damage on ozone layer arising from usage of coolants.
– The Group continued to maintain its parallel development strategy, developing its own brand business and at the same time continuing to expand its OEM business, effectively mitigating the risk of customer concentration as well as further developing new customers in other markets to drive sustainable business development.
– The Group’s talent retention policy is effective, employee turnover rate decreased slightly as compared to the previous year. During the year, the Group provided training to employees covering themes such as production techniques, machinery operation, raw material quality, corporate governance principles and industry development. The percentage of the Group’s employees provided with training amounted to 100%.

Mr. Yang Ziyuan, Chairman and CEO of the Group, said, “The year of 2019 was filled with challenges. The Group has been committed to optimising business operations and enhancing sustainable development while remaining committed to our fundamental mission to provide consumers with healthy, delicious, safe, and convenient fruit products as well as our concern for social corporate responsibility. We hope that as we provide quality processed fruit products, we can also avoid affecting the natural environment so as to mitigate operating risks arising from environmental change. The environmental data shown in the report fully reflected the effectiveness of the relevant measures taken by the Group during the year. The Group strives to take up its corporate social responsibilities, carry out charitable work, care for the elderly and disadvantaged in the community, follow actively and accurately to the country’s poverty assistance strategy and resolutely defeating the COVID-19 outbreak, and create sustainable value for our stakeholders.”

To view the Company’s full 2019 ESG Report, please visit: http://www.tianyuninternational.com/hk/

About Tianyun International Holding Limited (Stock Code: 6836.HK)
Tianyun International Holdings Limited (the “Company”) and its subsidiaries (collectively referred to as the “Group”) are principally engaged in (i) the production and sales of processed fruit packaged in metal containers, plastic cups, glass containers and aluminium foil bags and ii) trading of fresh fruit. Processed fruit products are sold both under its own brands “Bingo Times”, “fruit zz” and “Tiantong Times” and on an OEM basis.

The Group has been consistently committed to provide healthy and safe products to its customers. As one of the food enterprises with the most complete quality certifications, we have been continuously dedicated to adhering to stringent international production standards and are accredited with BRC (A), IFS Food (High), FDA(FSMA), HALAL, SC, KOSHER, BSCI and ISO22000,etc. in respect of our production facilities, quality control and management. The Group has also passed the internal food production standard reviews and audits from several the UK and US supermarket chains. At the same time, as a Chinese “Equal production line; Equal standard; Equal quality” food production and export enterprise, the Group has been supplying products of equivalent quality to domestic and international markets. Since 2016, the Group’s own brand processed fruit products have continued to obtain a high degree of market recognition, and became the first fruit processor in China’s fruit processing industry to place the “Zero Added Preservatives” label on its products.

The Group was awarded respectively the China’s Most Promising Listed Companies by the internationally renowned financial magazine Forbes, and the “2017 Linyi Mayor Quality Award” as an integrated food production and sales enterprise by the government of the Linyi City of the Shandong Province. The Group’s newly and proprietary researched, developed and produced pure fruit snack food also received a “Certificate of Invention Patent” from the State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China in 2018. The Group and its own brand “Bingo Times” were awarded as China Canned Food Leading Enterprise and China Canned Food Leading Brand by national institutions respectively in 2019.

For more information, please visit www.tianyuninternational.com and https://v.douyin.com/v2de9w/.

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