Top 10 Entrepreneurs to Look into 2020

BELA CHOWNK, NEW DELHI / ACCESSWIRE / June 16, 2020 / We are going through a tough time due to Pandemic, yes countries are reopened again, but things still look gloomy. Businesses are not able to see demand which was there before Pandemic.

All these things are leading toward the big whole, which is taking us back ten years in terms of the global economy. But it’s not like that we are totally down and out. Many young entrepreneurs are holding tight to help the world economy remain safe.

Let’s check Ten best entrepreneurs who are flying high in 2020 and helping the global economy with their best efforts.

David Michigan

David Michigan (@davidmichigan) is a serial Entrepreneur who is doing an excellent job with his ( Michigan, who at the age of 31 is already a famous motivational speaker, coach, model, actor & an entrepreneur. Proof of the kind of work he has been doing till now & the way he has been forward with raising people’s lives is his online academy & a mobile app named “Michigan Academy”. David Michigan is One of the most influential Entrepreneur known for his Michigan Academy. He grosses more than 10 million followers combined on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok, does not only focus heavily on facilitating life coaching sessions and helping people to have a better life by giving motivational speeches.

Dave Shah

Dave Shah(@daveshah_) is the Co-founder & CEO of an end-to-end software development company called “Wve Labs (”. This company works to design, develop, and market software platforms for not only startups but also Fortune 500 companies. Their primary focus is on mobile applications.

At 22, he is able to manage to make his name in the competitive industry of technology. A young innovator with a passion for extreme sports which has become one of the top leaders in the software development industry in his early twenties is what Dave Shah is for you.

Reza Abbaszadeh

Reza Abbaszadeh (@_rezaabbaszadeh_), founder of Multi-Million company Abbaszadeh Capital. One of the strong personalities who started his life from Iran now making a name in various countries like Germany, United Kingdom and all. He is a big buck earner who is changing the lives of others too with his multiple businesses like Abbaszadeh Capital, Bax Beauty, Abbaszadeh University and many other companies. Today People like Automotive Salespeople, Phone Salespeople, Roofers, Doctors, Investors, Artists or even Beginners, all can help monetize their businesses the way they want through Abbaszadeh Capital.

Calvin Mathibeli

Calvin Mathibeli, a thriving entrepreneur, is top in our list who runs multiple businesses with his family group business from the past 15 years. Calvin Mathibeli (@calvinandfamily) is involved in various streams of companies like construction, residential development, commercial retail, industrial developments and civil. Calvin and Family group are also making a name in sectors like logistics, Minerals, security, food processing, clothing brands, hospitality, Media Branding and PR. You will find the Calvin company name in every field today. Calvin is Inspiration for many young Entrepreneurs in World.

Steve Capo Newland

Steve Capo Newland (@chillcapolv) is a Las Vegas entrepreneur and marketing guru; he is the man who has been working for many companies and Individuals for the past few years. Originally from Willingboro, New Jersey, but calls Atlanta home, began his industry rise dating back to Tokyo, Japan. He is an ex-army who worked for the United States Air Force. Steve’s IMS Marketing Newland’s agency, manages and controls well over 10,000 social media accounts for celebrities, businesses, musicians, and entertainers worldwide. He is one of the finest Digital Entrepreneur right now.

Cole Martin Dockery

Next in the list of top entrepreneurs is Cole Marting Dockery young and Self-made Digital Entrepreneur is in our list Entrepreneur who is making waves in the Tech world with his amazing Digital Marketing skills. He is the founder of the top E-Commerce Agency and also works for many big names of various Industries. He has started his career brilliantly, and we feel he will play a vital role in the coming years in the Digital world. At the age of 23 (@dotcomcole) have achieved many milestones.

Mohd J Asfour

Mohd J Asfour (@asfour.1) is a self-made millionaire entrepreneur. Today Mohd J Asfour’s name comes up in most budding millionaire entrepreneurs in Jordanian America. Started with one car and is now the founder of LR Miami company. Asfour has now begun his apparel store as LR Clothing store gaining net worth to $2.4 Million and approaching to start his shoe company LR Shoes aiming to shape LR not only as a distinguished name but a Lifestyle.

Manish Singh

Manish Singh is India’s youngest Digital Entrepreneur and youngest Millionaire with a Whopping $1.4 Million profit at the age of 21. He is zooming to the top spot as India’s best Digital Marketing expert. He is the founder of ZZED Media which comes in a top digital marketing agency in India. This young lad is helping his clients grow on an online platform with his digital marketing strategies. Manish Singh is undoubtedly the next big in India who is going to make a colossal name in the Digital Marketing world.

Parmarth Mori

Parmarth Mori is leading IT Entrepreneur from Gujarat. He is the founder of Gujarat’s best IT Company PM Communications. Parmarth is widely famous as a Next-gen tech Entrepreneur of Gujarat and India. He is currently working on multiple projects with Jigar Saraswat like 25hours news, Indian daily Post and many more. Great to see young Parmarth Mori managing Gujarat’s Best website designing and app development company

Evan Luthra

Dr Evan Luthra is a tycoon angel investor and PhD in blockchain who is also the CTO for Bitwings. Evan played the role of essence speaker and shared his expertise, experience & vision. He is the new Business Tycoon who is undoubtedly going to surprise everyone with his innovative strategies.


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