World-first Quantitative Seeding Exchange, Mercury Exchange Is Coming!

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 22, 2020 / Bitcoin, born 12 years ago, has experienced its 3rd halving. After countless death alerts, Bitcoin had grown into a trillion-dollar market, attracting considerable attention both from retail investors and institutional capitals. During each round of the bull-bear trend transformation, the industry had changed and evolved gradually. However, no matter the changes, exchanges have always been at the top of this industry. Reputable fund houses are progressively entering the crypto scene. A new round of exchange battles is about to happen.

How to break through the existing business model and seize the high ground is especially essential in the exchange competition. Recently, a dark horse exchange called Mercury Exchange ( has attracted considerable attention. With its core quantitative technology, innovative seeding project model, combined with “unlock by trade” business strategy, Mercury Exchange has emerged rapidly and becomes popular among a lot of communities.

Mercury Exchange 4 Core Advantages

As the world’s first intelligent quantitative trading platform, Mercury Exchange provides one-stop incubation solutions for seeding projects through AI quantitative systems and professional market value management tools. Unique trading mechanisms help community, traders, exchange; project management reach a consensus towards pricing and growth. Compared to other existing exchanges, Mercury Exchange does have 4 core advantages:

1. Ultra-high Performance

To fulfill high trading demands for all users, MerEX matching engine is capable of sustaining 1.4 million TPS, as well as 20 million simultaneous users’ activity. Multi-currency trading pairs and derivatives are also provided with utmost security, deep liquidity & ultra-low latency.

2. Multi-level Risk Control Security

The safety of users’ funds has always been the primary goal of exchanges. Therefore, Mercury Exchange introduces a multiple level risk control system for users on different caliber, by using dual firewall technology (hardware firewall and software firewall) to achieve the best safety of funds.

3. Bull trend Strategy for Seeding Projects

New seeding projects usually have to pay a large sum of listing fees to the crypto exchanges. Due to a lack of regulations, exchanges will manipulate and dump the coin after listing (manipulated and dumped by exchanges) , causing losses and distrust to investors.

With a lack of professional market management experiences, seeding projects may also suffer from malicious selling and manipulation by early investors, short sniping by quantitative institutions and provisional rollback on trades by exchange, etc., which will eventually lead to the breakdown of the project.

Targeting such problems, the “Seeding Project Plan” came into the picture. Before the project gets listed, a non-breakdown agreement will be signed by Mercury Exchange and the project. Meanwhile, seeding projects will be carefully analyzed and screened through pre-listing. Multiple software provided to users helps to cater to different strategy models for gaining profits.

Under the unique trading system of Mercury Exchange, every transaction will push up the traded price of seeding projects. Upon fulfilling the required volume, the price of the seeding crypto project will increase. All traders can choose to buy in at a significant discount price as an option compares to the current market price for seed projects only. Discounted seeding crypto will be locked upon purchase. Traders need to trade and unlock, which can be up to 0.5 % of the traded sum.

Targeting projects with varying maturity, few categories of trading zones have was set up, including Seeding Zone, OTC Zone, Mainstream Crypto Zone, IEO Zone, Contract Zone, and more. These provide the perfect environment for seed projects to enter the mainstream crypto community shortly.

4. Quantitative Technology

In response to issues of insufficient transaction depth, liquidity shortage, Mercury Exchange formulates a series of strategies for market value management with its exclusive quantitative technology and AI actuarial system. It helps to push up crypto pricing helping investors gaining lucrative profits.

Introducing Mercury Exchange Platform Token, MCX

Issued by Mercury Exchange, MCX is based on Ethereum smart contract. With a total supply of 1 Billion, it will be released over 10 years. More than 180 countries blockchain enthusiasts have supported MCX. Traders can choose to purchase locked MCX at a discounted rate compared to the market price. The more you trade, the higher the proportion of unlocking locked MCX.

Especially in terms of trading fee commission rebate, Mercury Exchange is the first to maximize benefits for users. Its rebate ratio is as high as 90%! Compared with other trading platforms such as Kucoin or Binance, it is incredibly tempting for users.

As a gas fuel in the Mercury exchange ecosystem, MCX has been applied to multiple scenarios. For example, MCX can be used as an alternative for a trading fee discount. Also, MCX can be used to participate in IEOs or new coin fund-raising campaign and can be used for specific advertising on Mercury Exchange as well.

Besides the scenarios within Mercury’s internal ecosystem, online applications, offline markets like shopping malls, payment solutions can be applied too.

MCX will not conduct ICO, in combination with AI qualitative trade mechanism, MCX will not have the risk of price dumping issues. Also, being backed by an experienced market-value management team, its value and price will be a guaranteed bullish trend.

Also, Mercury Exchange will launch a “buy-back” scheme and “token burning” mechanism in the future to ensure that the value of MCX continues to soar.


In the post-epidemic era, the global pattern has changed dramatically. However, this situation provides an ideal environment for the digital economy era growth. Perhaps Mercury Exchange current online solution is just what the crypto community needs. Only time will tell.


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