Running your own small business is a difficult enough task in and of itself. Running an efficiently operating small business is another thing entirely. Even though finding and implementing newer and better modes of efficiency is a challenge for a small business owner, it is a challenge that must be met head-on if you hope to have a successful time of things.

That being said, it can be tricky to know exactly how to go about making one’s company more efficient. There are several evaluations that you will need to do to get a better sense of where the most time-wasting is happening within your operations. Once identified, you can set out implementing more efficient processes to rectify the situation.

However, simply decreasing wasted time at your company might not always be enough to make your business as efficient as it can be. Sometimes it can be beneficial to learn from companies that are already running on a fairly efficient basis. With that in mind, here are three things that most efficiently run businesses have.

1. A Streamlined Shipping Process

One area that has the potential to see a lot of wasted time and energy is that of the fulfillment and shipping of orders. Depending upon how many orders you typically see regularly, you might be asking too much of the system that you have in place. Moreover, an unreliable mail carrier that consistently delivers your packages to your customers late or damaged can result in the necessity of re-shipping orders that weren’t done correctly the first time.

To have an efficient business, you must have an efficient way of fulfilling orders from customers. You might simply need to find a new mail carrier or consider trying a dropshipping service that can effectively handle the entirety of the process for you. Whatever the solution may be for your particular business, make sure that your shipping process becomes as streamlined as possible.

2. Excellent Communication Practices

Without excellent communication practices, all of your other efforts towards building a more efficient business will be in vain. Communication, both internal and external, is how everything at your business gets done. For this reason, your methods of communication need to be above average.

Evaluate your equipment as it pertains to communication. Does your team have everything that they need, from a reliable internet connection to properly functioning computers and phone lines? While fixing such things might cost a bit now, that cost will pale in comparison to the consequences of not having proper communication practices at your company.

3. Efficient Employees

This might sound like a no-brainer, the problem with productivity at your company might very well lie with the employees that you have working for you. Is everyone under your employ on board with improving efficiency? Are they aware that time-wasting cannot be tolerated? If the people you have working for you aren’t on board with your efforts towards increased efficiency, then you might need to look for workers who will be.