A Whole New Level of Comfort for the Family with GAC MOTOR’s GN6

GUANGZHOU, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / July 17, 2020 / GAC MOTOR together with the Aljomaih Automotive Company, a well-known dealership company in Saudi Arabia, has launched its all-purpose MPV GN6 in Saudi Arabia, marking the entry of the globally popular series into the Middle East. For Saudi consumers who have need for space and yet enjoy a high quality of life, the GN6 fulfills all the mobile needs of a modern family and promises much more.

When it comes to family cars, space, comfort and safety have been cited by Saudi consumers as main considerations. A modern family vehicle needs to provide excellent space utility as well as all-round safety for the best travel experience for the whole family.

The GN6’s 1860mm wide body and 2810mm extra-long wheelbase ensure ample space requirements for Saudi families with five passengers or more. The super wide aisle makes the second-row passengers more spacious, and also allows the third-row passengers to pass easily. Third row passengers can even adopt a slightly reclined sitting posture, making travel even more comfortable. The GN6 has been proven to easily meet the travel needs of large families or a large entourage.

The GN6 was built for modern, global families in mind. It is equipped with a third generation 270T engine and matches the Aisin 6AT gearbox. The GN6 boasts a powerful engine and is also fuel-efficient. Saudi consumers who attach great importance to vehicle performance can enjoy both unbeatable value while still having a great experience driving the GN6.

In terms of handling experience, the GN6 allows the driver to have full control through both hardware and software embedded in the vehicle. It has multiple driving modes and is designed for a variety of driving needs. In a country like Saudi Arabia with complex terrain, the GN6 still delivers superior flexibility and driving experience.

GAC MOTOR’s GN6 provides Saudi consumers with a fun and enjoyable driving experience with extraordinary all-round safety features, creating new memories for the family full of surprises and unlimited possibilities for a high-quality, mobile lifestyle.

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