Aimee Tariq’s Book Panic! Germs and the Truth Inside American Mouths is Number 3 on Barnes and Noble’s Best Seller List

The Book, Which Tariq Co-Authored with Dr. Gladys McGarey and Dr. Nick Meyer, Offers Helpful Information on How Good Oral Health Impacts Overall Health

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / July 21, 2020 / Author Aimee Tariq is pleased to announce that her newest book “Panic! Germs and the Truth Inside American Mouths” recently reached number 3 on Barnes and Noble’s Top 100 Best Selling NOOK Books.

To learn more about the book, which Tariq co-authored with Dr. Gladys McGarey and Dr. Nick Meyers, please check out

As a spokesperson for Tariq noted, “Panic! Germs and the Truth Inside American Mouths” was written with one key goal in mind: to help readers understand the very real connection between their lifestyle choices and their overall health. In particular, the way people take care of, or neglect, their oral health can have a significant impact on their well-being.

“This book is a revelation for anyone with a diagnosed, misdiagnosed, or even diagnosed disorder wanting answers about why they might be sick and why they might not be getting better,” the spokesperson noted, adding that Tariq and her co-authors refer to the mouth as the “gateway to our whole body.”

In addition, “Panic! Germs and the Truth Inside American Mouths” offers helpful and empowering messages for people who want to maintain their good health and their immune systems. Tariq, Dr. McGarey, and Dr. Meyers delve into the details of inflammation in the body and the importance of developing and maintaining non-toxic habits.

Even though Tariq’s book was released very recently, it is already creating a positive buzz with readers. For example, a five-star review that was posted to the Barnes and Noble website said that the book “draws the reader’s attention to the pivotal importance of oral health in relation to our general health.”

“The book also lists the signs inside our mouth that sounds the alert that something is wrong and offers a new perspective in prophylactic practices to keep our oral health with a holistic view,” the review noted.

About Aimee Tariq:

Aimee Tariq lives in sunny Florida with three cats and her husband. When she isn’t working or traveling, she’s reading, writing, or watching documentaries. Aimee has been featured in Forbes, Inc., USA Today, Huff Post, and more. She’s a #1 Best Selling Author in health consulting and is passionate about empowering professionals to live their best lives by removing toxic triggers and maximizing energy, focus, clarity, and productivity, ensuring they outwork their competitors. Her belief is that people are most productive, efficient, and happiest when they live holistically in harmony with their body, spirit, and mind. For more information, please visit

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