AQUA Labs announces the launch of AQUAnite

TOKYO, JAPAN / ACCESSWIRE / July 13, 2020 / With the growing popularity of digital transactions in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, AQUA Labs announced the launch of a new digital token AQUAnite (AQN), which will provide consumers and businesses another option to send and receive payments reliably and in a decentralized manner. AQUA Labs stated that it is set to open its doors on the 15th of July 2020 with a total of 500 million AQN in circulation.

Before launching it to the public, AQUA Labs stated that it started its private sales which ended on the 5th of July 2020. The company stated that they have received positive feedback from the pre-official public offer. Apart from the release of its new digital token, the company is also launching its AQUAnite (AQN) wallet in August. According to AQUA Labs, the AQN wallet aims to provide reliable coin storage and secure fund transfers.

Recognizing the significant developments in the world of digital currency, Hosea Liu, Press relations officer at AQUA Labs said, “The announcement of China’s Central Bank backing digital money is highly encouraging for the digital currency industry, but uncertainties hounding Facebook Libra’s launch are subduing the enthusiasm. The company aims to offer something out of the ordinary and useful to entice prospective AQN users.”

“AQUA Labs is committed to providing a reliable and transparent cryptocurrency that provides users real usability. The company values the importance of having an increasing user base, but it wants to solidify this through long-term utility. We have also secured a major partnership with another FinTech company to enhance our crypto offering and we will be revealing details more in the future. I believe our fans will be incredibly pleased,” Hosea said.

Details of AQUA Labs’ collaboration are yet to be announced, but the company shared that more information is scheduled for the next quarter. The company believes AQUAnite will offer crypto enthusiasts and businesses a dependable and useful alternative payment system.

“We are extremely confident in the public interest in AQUAnite. However, we understand that we cannot be complacent. We will continue to work towards revitalizing the blockchain industry, especially amid a health crisis and economic downturn,” Hosea added.

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